Baidu denies plans for European expansion

According to previous reports, Baidu CFO Shawn Wang was planned to announce details of a European expansion for China's largest search engine at a London conference. has denied such claims saying there are no plans to expand into Europe. "Recent rumors alleging that is expanding into Europe are groundless," the company said in a brief statement released through its public-relations firm in Beijing.

While Baidu's business is largely focused on China, where it dominates the search market, the company recently launched a Japanese search engine as a first, tentative foray into the international market. That site remains blocked in China. Baidu officials have said they expect to spend $15 million on the company's Japanese site this year.

News source: InfoWorld

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Meh... Who cares... It's basically just for the mp3 search people are interested, and if people wish to search & pirate, there are hundreds of ways already.

hmm has been around for a very long time....

the main page will only look similar to non-chinese background ppl... but its innate areas/functions are very different

baidu is the google of china but way better in usability for asia content

Has anyone seen this site? It looks exactly like Google. Even the search results look identical except for them being in Chinese.