Ballmer cautious; shock

It comes to something when Steve Ballmer is not super-confident, but his latest analyst conference proved one exception. Or a partial one at least. One thing Microsoft's chief executive didn't hold back on was his aggressiveness towards the Linux community; the non-Novell Linux community at least.

But on the potential sales of Vista, Ballmer was surprisingly downbeat: "I think some of the revenue forecasts I've seen out there for Windows Vista in fiscal year '08 are overly aggressive," Ballmer told the analysts in New York.

Lower selling prices, relatively low corporate sales (many sales happened shortly after the launch date and are slowing now) and continued piracy would hamper revenue figures going forward, Ballmer said, leading to a flatter 2008 financial year.

Perhaps this is a good lesson in not overhyping new releases - XP didn't take off that quickly, with businesses upgrading when they needed it, rather than buying XP because it had been released. I'm sure the same will happen with Vista, too.

News source: ZDNet UK

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for me personally, the inability to do a clean install with an upgrade version was a no no for me. I don't know why they changed that out all of a sudden but it's complete baloney to me. Over the course of a year I format my computer enough that I don't want to install vista/xp or whatever just to wipe it again and reinstall the config of Vista I really want.

Well, what do you know, maybe you should get the FULL version then since you're not UPGRADING at all anyways. MS still lets you do a clean install, the fact they ask for an installed OS for the upgrade version is infact what they should have done anyways. You buy the upgrade version with a upgrade license to upgrade your already installed OS.

If the Full version is too much for you, then go OEM which is half price or even cheaper.

All hail Ballmer, the King of FUD. If he had a point, he would had at least made some reference to the patents in question. Just a bunch of fear mongering pointed towards financial analysts.

Heh, Ballmer's going to be really made when the final numbers for Vista sales come out way low, then it might be lawsuit time to shore up the cash piles for the stockholders.