Ballmer looking forward to a deal with Yahoo

Whereas the current economic crisis has many feeling very weary in regards to business, Steve Ballmer is remaining optimistic. Specifically in regard to future talks with Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz.

Reports have indicated that Ballmer is hoping to renew contact with Yahoo in regards to an acquisition. "I'm sure when it's appropriate, we will have a chance to sit down and talk", said Ballmer in regards a Microsoft-Yahoo acquisition.

The new CEO of Yahoo, who has replaced Jerry Yang, may not be as hasty as the former CEO to reject an offer from Microsoft. She is reported as having "opened the door for a search partnership".

Information may be scarce about such a deal, however, as Bartz has said such negotiations will take place privately.

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WHY is this still coming up? I thought Microsoft decided to walk away from this, now they want back in again? Make up your bleeping mind. Either acquire the company or don't but stop dancing around the issue.

If this is really annoying you, then you obviously are not familiar or capable of handing the real business world.

You have to expect a lot of negotiation considering this is a multimillion dollar business deal, this isn't like a small little high school relationship drama scene.

I think there will eventually be a deal, not an acquistion. But I think the deal will be more substantial than just search.

I think they should focus more on other parts of Microsoft than a silly search engine. Live Search gets most of my results fine.