Battlestar Galactica shows up in Microsoft Surface 2.0 app

Microsoft Surface 2.0 might have just recently been released, but the team working at the Microsoft Technology Center is already coming up with some interesting new applications for the big touch screen technology. The Next at Microsoft blog offers up one of these Microsoft Surface 2.0 apps as a demonstration of its abilities.

It's called NUIverse and as you can see in the video, team member David Brown manipulates the Surface 2.0 interface to showcase the app, which gives users a tour of our solar system. He can pan and zoom in full three dimensions and check out views of the Earth, the Moon or any planet in the system. You can also see how the familiar constellations are viewed from Earth orbit.

However, about nine minutes into the video, Brown decides to show some man-madeobjects in orbit around the Earth and one of them just happens to be the Battlestar Galactica. This is the massive ship from the recent TV series revival. It looks incredible and we can see how this app, which is supposed to be mainly for education, could be turned into a pretty cool touch screen based 3D RTS game. As they say on the TV show, "So say we all!"

Image via Microsoft

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It is a great demonstration, but I'm surprised at the comments here...

Surface has been doing this stuff and capable of 99% of what you are seeing since its introduction back in 2006/2007. Surface 2.0 is about new APIs to make development easier with a richer set of exposed features by the platform to the developers along with new screen options for thinner displays using different imaging sensor technologies.

Has nobody seen a Surface 1.0 device at a Science Museum or a Casino or a Hotel Bar?

The Smithsonian stuff a couple of years ago was cool, with kids using everyday objects that the screen recognized and let them interact with things, like the light of their flashlight. (Since it can 'see' and doesn't need traditional 'tags' or 'touch' but can use tags and hands fingers touching the screen create an image it responds to like 'touch'.)

Everyone that found this fun, do an search for videos and look up Microsoft Surface. There are a lot of cool things out there to watch in how it has been used and what it does.

You can also find Microsoft R&D work information on it going back to the 2002-2003 timeline and a few later powerpoints from 2005 and 2006 on overcoming the challenges and the design goals of the project. (There are also some funny articles 'making fun' of it, saying things like touch and tablets were stupid and worthless, even one article where the author said they were glad Apple wasn't making tablet crap. LOL)

It was by design for multiple people to have multiple input points/methods for a richer computer interaction experience.

Microsoft R&D were also bypassing the older touch technologies and focusing on imaging 'seeing' technologies as touch is too limited.

Which makes me want to ask, when will Apple or Google invent this, so people will not be blinded by the word 'Microsoft' and notice this technology exists? =)

thenetavenger said,
Has nobody seen a Surface 1.0 device at a Science Museum or a Casino or a Hotel Bar?

Nope. But then my country is in an economic downturn and hotels can't afford fripperies like this.

Fracking nice ... have it in the stores by Christmas, please ?

Meanwhile, some of those shots of the Galactica would make a good desktop wall with a little refinement ...

S3P€hR said,

I am afraid you can't use it on your wall. it is used on a table.

no you can, you can mount it on your wall vertically

S3P€hR said,

I am afraid you can't use it on your wall. it is used on a table.

It's called surface, not table top. It can be any surface you like. Of course it depends what technology is required underneath the surface as to how inlaid into the wall it would need to be.

C:Amie said,
That is astonishing, Stellarium Next Generation.

Didn't they actually call that "Stellar Cartography"?

calimike said,
Is Microsoft Surface 3.0 out yet?

LOL. I wish! I can't wait to see what's to come and when it's price becomes more reasonable. I want one!