BBC announces Nintendo Wii deal

The BBC's iPlayer video service will soon be available via the Nintendo Wii.

The video download and streaming service that lets people catch up with BBC programmes will soon be a channel on the hugely popular game console. Early versions of the service will be available from 9 April but more polished software will be released as the service is developed.

The news comes as the BBC reveals a steep rise in the numbers of people using the iPlayer.

"The BBC's catch-up TV service can now be accessed on an increasing number of different platforms - from the web and portable devices to gaming consoles," said Erik Huggers, BBC's group controller for Future Media and Technology, announcing the deal in a speech at the MipTV-Milia conference in Cannes.

He added that the iPlayer will also soon be available on television.

The Wii has brought many people to gaming for the first time

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On a more serious note, this again goes against the BBC's no advertising policy in the same way the BBC has recently been criticised for its blatant advertising collaboration with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber reality shows. If we Brits have to pay a licence fee, then the BBC shouldn't profit from any commercial ventures with other 3rd parties. I believe the BBC has to find new ways for funding new shows and so forth, perhaps this is them testing the waters.

Amazing this is brill news. At o i use I-Player to catch up on shows when im at work or raiding wow. So tou have the option on the Wii is great. It creates a nice alternative kind of on-demand service for many people.

My sister will flip when she realizes she can get Eastenders catchups on the Wii

One of my complaints about the Wii, now that I've used Live on my 360, is that it was really slow with menu loads and downloading. I don't see how the video service would be smooth if it takes a silly amount of time to download an NES game.