BBC fixes BT Home Hub auto-vomit bug

BBC engineers have solved a mysterious, long-running bug that has meant iPlayer and live TV streams have frequently prompted the BT Home Hub, UK's most common router, to reset itself.

The source of the problem has been identified after a lengthy, "tricky" search and a fix is currently working its way through the BBC's back-end systems, iPlayer and embedded media architect Andy Smith told El Reg. iPlayer catch-up streams of TV and radio no longer cause the crashes, while live webcasts of news programming should get the all-clear soon.

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Don't think I've noticed this bug before.. maybe it restarted it self but I never felt the iPlayer was to blame.

It's a pretty god awful router though.

I have been extremely happy with my home hub, and I have the original version. It has restarted on occasion, but not when streaming any kind of video. A minor annoyance really. The only major gripe I have with it is that it takes years to start up from scratch.

Finally :D

I've been pretty happy with my Home Hub... this is the only thing that was wrong with it, and it only affected me about 1 in 5 times I watched a video on the iPlayer, but I'm glad to see it has been fixed.

Doubt its BBCs fault, probabbly BTs for not fixing any of the bugs that have been present for ages.

SLL connections simply wont work
No new connections and random times
Random Restarts

Seriously how hard is it to prevent a router from killing itself