BBC iPlayer Freesat beta now available to the public

The BBC initially began a closed group test of the BBC iPlayer for Freesat devices in December 2009.

Over the weekend the BBC announced the trial has gone public. Initially restricted to a small group of users the beta test has now been opened more widely and everyone with a Humax Foxsat-HD or Humax Foxsat-HDR and a broadband connection of at least 1Mbps will be able to participate.

Andrew Bowden, Senior Producer, TV Platforms team at the BBC confirmed that iPlayer will become available to all Freesat HD set top boxes and Freesat HD TVs as soon as possible over the coming months - including all HD boxes and TVs with Freesat built in from launch.

BBC iPlayer is a web-based Television & Radio catch-up service available to TV licence holders in the UK.

View: BBC iPlayer Freesat beta

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Cool. Just about to install a Foxsat HDR. It will be easier to use the foxsat than boot up the PC.

I guess it's useful if I fail to record something on the HDR or if it's a series catch up that is otherwise unavailable on the HDR itself.

Is freesat compatable with Sky Digital dishes? As in could you just plug a box in and go?
I could look this up myself, but I'm feeling lazy.

And you can use both systems at the same time. I have a quad LNB, 2 feeds go to my Sky+ HD box, 1 feed goes to an LG TV with a built in freesat leaving 1 output spare.

As touched upon above a dish with single LNB will need adjustments if you plan on sending the signal to more than one box. Its pretty easy to tell the number of outputs just by looking at the dish.

"BBC iPlayer is a web-based Television & Radio catch-up service available to TV licence holders in the UK. "
No, it's free for anyone to use with or without a TV license, you need a TV license to wath LIVE TV as it's being broadcasted

You may be paying for a 20mb connection but you are not getting it, BBC iplayer requires the following speeds

TV - HD : 3500 kbps
TV : 500-1500 kbps
Radio : 128 kbps

Test your actual connection speed, you may want to downgrade what you are paying for. If you can't get the HD content without buffering its likely your line isn't capable of more than a couple of mbps.

i want freesat over here in hungary. with dec 19. coming into affect i would love to get a set top freesat box. i like the channels being offered in uk over the hungarian ones, more interesting and more choice.

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