BBC's Watchdog Lays into 360

Watchdog, a British consumer programme last night examined the fact that a large number of consumers consoles had died, just after the warranty had run out. It's a well known fact that some of the early 360's have had problems, even Microsoft have admitted that they have had a higher number of problems than they expected. In the US, Microsoft agreed to offer complimentary repairs to owners of faulty consoles manufactured before January 1, 2006 - even if their warranties had expired.

This offer doesn't seem to apply to UK gamers though, and consumers are asked to fork out £80-90 for a repair, even if the console has lasted only 14 months. The "ring of death" as it has been dubbed by annoyed gamers. Alex, who features in the episode paid £85 for a replacement, just two months after the warranty had expired. His replacement console lasted just 3 days before dieing again.

Microsoft have since given Alex a new Xbox and a free game, but with hundreds just writing into Watchdog alone, this problem seems to be a larger problem than Microsoft are willing to admit.

Video: Watch Watchdog [youtube]

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Anyone notice a trend with people saying that they repeatedly have consoles die on them? People that have the console die on them once you never really hear complaints from. I had a PS2 brick when the reader died but I changed the way I stored and used it and it never died again (same hardware other than a new laser).

HD died in my Xbox 1 a few months back lucky me i had a backup of the drive and just installed a new 80gig.
Four years from a cheap 8 gig wd it was to be expected let alone my xbox is a 1.0.

I used to own an XBox 1.... It died after a day. Got a replacement... and that died after a week. So I got a full refund and bought myself a PS2 :P

I'm not saying all XBox's are like that, obviously theyre quite popular but I just happened to have an isolated (or not so isolated) bad experience with em.