Bear robot rescues wounded troops

The US military is developing a robot with a teddy bear-style head to help carry injured soldiers away from the battlefield. The Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot (BEAR) can scoop up even the heaviest of casualties and transport them over long distances over rough terrain. New Scientist magazine reports that the "friendly appearance" of the robot is designed to put the wounded at ease. It is expected to be ready for testing within five years.

While it is important to get medical attention for injured soldiers as soon as possible, it is often difficult and dangerous for their comrades to reach them and carry them back. The 6ft tall Bear can cross bumpy ground without toppling thanks to a combination of gyroscopes and computer controlled motors to maintain balance. It is also narrow enough to squeeze through doorways, but can lift 135kg with its hydraulic arms in a single smooth movement, to avoid causing pain to wounded soldiers. While the existing prototype slides its arms under its burden like a forklift, future versions will be fitted with manoeuvrable hands to gently scoop up casualties. The Bear is controlled remotely and has cameras and microphones through which an operator sees and hears.

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News source: BBC News

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RAID 0 said,
You know.. that's not a bad idea! Or Paris Hilton...... any skank will do!

If a Paris-Hilton look-a-like would be comming to me to drag me away from battle I wouldn't realy be reassured...

Personally I don't care about the teddy-bear look, but I don't see the point of it. This thing is not able to defend itself so it can't go into war-zones. And in places it can go into, the guy who controls it could easily go in himself.

Need a robot that can stand and walk like a human in order to traverse terrains, also think for itself. May as well just give it a gun too, rocket launchers. Like in mechwarrior!

"1. Teddy bear face designed to be reassuring"

I don't think so. I'd rather see a human medic. I was in infantry.

teddy-bear styled head? these soldiers are tough, putting a teddy bear head onto a robot doesn't make them happier. If i were a soldier and i was wounded, the last thing i wanna see is a teddy bear head coming up trying to rescue me.

But you arent a soldier, and most probably have never been shot, stabbed or blown up in a roadside explosion. What gives you the knowledge of what would feel good/bad in any of those situations?

I haven't been shot but I can absolutly tell you with the utmost of certain the last thing in the world I would care about as I bleed to death there on the floor is whether the robots head looks like a teddy bear or not.

I'm sure that will really cheer the soldiers up as they start to black out due to loss of blood.

But you arent a soldier, and most probably have never been shot, stabbed or blown up in a roadside explosion.

Yeah, otherwise he wouldnt be alive to write what he just wrote. Something tells me that if you've been blown up the robots probably going to be too little too late.