Beatles not coming to Rock Band, getting their own game

MTV have just announced that the recent rumours that the Beatles are to release their tracks digitally through Rock Band are only partially true.

Instead of releasing an extension pack for Rock Band, MTV and Harmonix are creating an entirely new game, which is said to take players through a journey of the Beatles' music, an "unprecedented, experiential progression through and celebration of the music and artistry of The Beatles".

Ringo Star commented on the new game, stating that "It gives me great pleasure to be part of this new partnership. The Beatles continue to evolve with the passing of time and how wonderful that The Beatles' legacy will find its natural progression into the 21st century through the computerized world we live in. Let the games commence."

Harmonix are promising that, although it is not officially a Rock Band game, it will be compatible with Rock Band 2 peripherals (here's to hoping that us early adopters get treated by means of Rock Band 1 peripheral compatibility later down the line)

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Are they planning on supporting vocal harmonies in any of these games any time soon? I can hardly imagine (heh) one person singing through the Beatles catalog... They'd be doing the work of three and a half singers!

It makes sense that Rock Band would come out with a single-band game to compete with its Guitar Hero counterpart. I think that The Beatles would appeal more to older gamers though.

Well GH has done it for Aerosmith and I believe there is a Metallica game coming in 2009, but I think Metallica's stuff would be a lot more interesting to play.

Really, a whole game?. I enjoy there music but im not going to go splash a bunch of money on a game hat only has there stuff in it pfft.