Bebo to send friend request to aliens

Social network Bebo has teamed up with RDF Digital to create a digital time capsule to send personal messages and pictures to the nearest planet that could hold life. The information will be beamed 120 trillion miles into space to Gliese 581C, considered to be the nearest planet that could potentially contain life similar to our own.

As part of the 'A Message From Earth' project, Bebo users can create their own images or text via an application and vie for a spot in the final 500. The messages to be sent will be chosen via a web vote, which runs until 30 September 2008.

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"Hello fellow life forms! What's it like out in space?" - anonymous bebo user (fake)

translating into alien language... beep... boop...

"Hello fellow furfag! I killed your mother, space?"

Hello all aliens.. I'm sure you are enjoying the universe's favourite reality show! EARTH!!! w00t!
I have a uplink relay you need to fix in my @$$.


(if no one got that...its from south park)

I bet the reply will contain a DNA chain of a nymphomaniac blonde (sadly later she will become in a cheap 3d fx effect)

(A Clockwork Lime said @ #6)
Oh, joy. Just what the universe needs. Idiots from social networks vomiting their **** into the cosmos.

Thanks for that, I got a good laugh.

(cRuNcHiE said @ #3.1)
It's about 20 light years i think

A light year is a unit of distance, not time.

The correct answer is 20-21 years.

afaik radio signal travel at light speed.

Anyways, even emitting a ultrapowerful radio signal, then STILL is not able to reach other stars, with luck the signal can cross the Pluto orbit. So yes, SETI project is a scam.

Needless to say that, even if the aliens were sufficiently advanced life forms, their technology would not be anything like ours and be unable to decode our messages.

(Fourjays said @ #2.1)
Or it directly translates to a declaration of war in their language... :P

Only to have there armada eaten by a small dog when its sent to attack due to a miscalculation of scale? :P

(Fourjays said @ #2.1)
Or it directly translates to a declaration of war in their language... :P


uhhh yea, actually they would be able to decode it. all they have to do is have algorithms searching for patterns

how do you think we translate "lost" languages? like figuring out Egyptian hieroglyphs (and no, the Rosetta Stone didn't help at all) it was all done by hand. sure it took a few hundred years but if they are "sufficiently advanced" then they can just have computers do it all for them; just like we could if we get an alien signal

the only way our technology being different would matter is with interfacing the two ala independence day style