Behind the scenes: Microsoft's preparation for Keynotes

Microsoft put a huge amount of effort into PDC 2008 to ensure it showcased Windows 7 and touch computing at its best.

Now that it's all over we all know about Windows 7, touch computing and where Microsoft is heading. What we didn't see at PDC was how things are prepared for behind the scenes. Sinofsky was likely sipping coffee and using Windows 7 skipping ropes to prepare himself, whilst others were grafting extremely hard.

James Senior, Live Services Evangelist, working at Microsoft UK, has posted an internal time-lapse video of the keynote hall, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, being converted from nothing into the keynote hall and then broken down again. It's an interesting watch for 6 minutes and shows the sheer work that goes into these events that is easy to overlook. James posted the video without any sound but we decided (in true British fashion) to create a video with Benny Hill's theme tune in the background. If it gets too much, hit the mute button. Enjoy.

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I don't get the point of this news item...

You can find videos like this for when they set up rock concerts and other things... What's so special about a hall being rearranged for a certain function? Happens all the time everywhere. Also, where is "Microsoft preparation for keynote" This is what the company/conference centers do/setup by contracters or whatever... Microsoft just pays... But its said as if bill gates is unfolding chairs and thus its effort.

PDC is a fine even while you have clear that you can't trust in the facts showed by any vendor, for example the "VS10 is the new VS6".

Every year for the past 4 years I've been part of a Video Recording team and I help out with computer presentation using a couple of big projectors. It's amazing seeing the amount of preparation that goes into these projects. And while I haven't worked on anything on the scale of PDC (I've worked on events with around 800 guests), there is still lots of work that has to be done and it takes days to set everything up. Whats hilarious is that, we can undo everything in about 8 hours work.

Soldiers33 said,
is there goin to be a live stream?

I'm sorry...what? This was a few weeks ago. Live stream to the past..?

Majesticmerc said,
What resolution do you reckon those monitors are, and I wonder if I could get one in the outhouse.

If i were to guess i would probably say 1920x1200 projector or perhaps 2560 x 1600?

Windows7even said,
Unimaginable amount of effort, time, and money. To think all for a few hours of use. Wowzers!

Which gets passed on to the average consumer in the form of Vista. ;p

bobbit said,
Which gets passed on to the average consumer in the form of Vista. ;p

From what we have seen so far Windows 7 is far from what windows vista was at this stage.

Windows7even said,
From what we have seen so far Windows 7 is far from what windows vista was at this stage.

That wasn't my point.

I don't think Vista's all that bad either. It just came out way overpriced and frankly still is.

Although that was probably trying to make up for the amount of marketing they did for the 3903023984759 different versions they brought out.