Beijing Police Launch Virtual Web Patrol

Starting September 1, police in China's capital will use animated officers to walk, bike or drive across a user's browser viewing 13 of China's top portals every half hour with warnings to stay away from illegal Internet content. By the end of the year will appear on all Web sites registered with Beijing servers. The animated police appeared designed to startle Web surfers and remind them that authorities closely monitor Web activity. The male and female cartoon officers, designed for the ministry by Sohu, will offer a text warning to surfers to abide by the law and tips on Internet security as they move across the screen in a virtual car, motorcycle or on foot. Clicking on the cartoon images will redirect the user to the authority's Web site.

News source: Physorg

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It's a shame that China does that to their people, but, they (the politicians who control China) saw what happened when
the former soviet union allowed a little freedom. The people demanded to be free once they saw the grass really was
greener on the other side of the fence. I remember one story where a man immigrated to the USA from Russia, and
the first time he went to a supermarket, he told someone that he realized that what his former country had told him for YEARS about the west was a lie.
Until the PLA (peoples liberation army) releases its grip on the chinese people, it will never change.

Well from what I saw they try to regulate things. And they try really hard, but with 1.3 billion of them its really hard to control it all. I mean when you go to an Internet cafe in Beijing, you have to be 18, and you can't go to facebook and stuff like that, cops are everywhere ect. But outside of Beijing, like X'ian you can go to these "underground" cafes (dirty, hidden in large markets, and full of pick-pocketers) and do whatever you want. Same goes for everything pretty much. Its no wonder they are trying very hard to crack down, because they really arent doing a good job.

Well at least they let the people know they are being watched I suppose, not just secret police.
Although of course I think their lack of internet/media freedom is a bad thing.

Man everywhere I went in China there were these animated police officers basically saying "we are watching", so it doesn't surprise me that this is happening. I wonder if they will use the same animations...

I really feel sorry for the people of China, having to live with their police hanging over their shoulders 24/7.

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