Belkin paying people to post fake reviews

Corporations live and die off consumer reviews and when your product isn't getting the remarks you had hoped for what do you do?

Well if you are Belkin apparently you pay people, 65 cents for a 5 out of 5 review on Amazon.

If 65 cents sounds like a good deal to you then it may be in your best interest to hit up Michael Bayard, a Business Development Representative at Belkin. He posted on Amazon's Mechanical Turk site requesting users to submit their own reviews for Belkin products with 5 stars while down ranking negative reviews. He was hoping to get some good reviews out of the deal but ended up with a PR disaster on his hands.

Bayard quickly removed his post but thanks to the power of the internet his sub standard move will live on forever. Belkin has yet to respond to the posting.

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Personally, I'm quite surprised. Most businesses have their own employees doing this.

Even on Neowin, users are constantly defending their place of employment, its business practice and its products.

Bah Belkin always makes sub-par hardware and makes retailers like Futureshop, Best Buy sell them for more than their worth. Garbage hardware.

I love Belkin. They make awsome stuff, ive had countless Belkin products and they have lasted me years! Great value for money. All those negative reviews you see are just from people who have little understanding of technology.

How do i claim my 65c? -Oh drat.

I really don't think belkin is alone to do this. I bet many of the hardware sites are paid off to write better reviews than they would in the first place

I always kinda figured that a lot of reviews on Amazon are fake. Although they usually are from people who have posted only one review. Its more than just Belkin doing this. I've always figured that some companies trash their competitions products with lies.

So will there be any court cases due to this, like someone bought, not pleased with product, but bought because of "5/5" reviews? Kind of fraud isn't it? Or maybe I am just looking at it wrongly

I think fraud would be too high a burden of proof. Marketing and sales people usually go under false advertising rules which is a professional ethics code. Dude failed that one!

Holy moly! You can get decent Van Den Hul HDMI cables for a lot less than that.. and I'd never even consider paying THAT much for those HDMI cables anyway!

Chicane-UK said,
Holy moly! You can get decent Van Den Hul HDMI cables for a lot less than that.. and I'd never even consider paying THAT much for those HDMI cables anyway!

I've sold a few of those Belkin HDMI cables before. XD

Guys I bought my belkin router from Futureshop and its amazing! I mean, right when i got it out of the box it was so easy to setup, had my internet up and running in milliseconds! I rate it 100% and I thank Futureshop for providing me with such an excellent deal!

All your comments are unhelpful and i rate them 0/5.

(Mike bayard, you can PM me to get my amazon account number)

Isn't 65 cents the same as approx 50 pence in England?

Haha, you must be desperate for cash if you have to write a fake review for 50 pence

This is very common in e.g. the fashion industry (just look at all those fashion blogs mentioning product names -- there you go), and I'd venture to guess very common in the world of technology as well. I see no reason to why it wouldn't. Especially since tech minded people form a pretty nice demography in terms of reading blogs.

Hmm. I've had very good experiences with Belkin products. Most have a lifetime warranty. While their customer service isn't the best, my experiences have been good. My Belkin router at home is going on 7 or 8 years old It's a 54g with basic functionality, but it works great!

Sucks about what that guy tried to do though. Acts like these can hurt an otherwise good company's perceptions.

That kind of things are so lame, just like when Sony got trashed for inventing movie reviewers in their posters/trailers.

That being said, i had a Belkin wireless router that lasted 1.5 years without giving me problems before it died. But the, i got a Linksys and i totally forget about ressting the router form time, a thing i did often with the Belkin. Also, their routers (i have managed 3 or 4 different models) are totally simple and don't offer much control over their features.

Their firmware updates, if they exists, are updated one or twice in the router's product cycle, which leaves a lot to be desired.

cork1958 said,
Nothing wrong with Belkin, it's just this idiot who did one very stupid thing.

Well, and that fiasco about 5 years back, when every few http hits you make gets redirected to some marketing website by their routers...

No. I shall never trust Belkin.

I personally would not recommend Belking to anyone after having a very bad experience with their customer support. The router isn't par with other routers in the market. Best is to move on.....

Me either. I'm running a Belkin N1 Vision Modem Router at the moment and the features it offers are sub-par. No DDoS prevention, extremely rudimentary DHCP system (no ability to assign reserved/static addresses), the NAT function is also the restricted kind with no ability to change to "Open", uPnP doesnt work correctly so things like peer-to-peer applications dont work correctly without manual changes, and the list goes on. Add to that theres been not a single firmware update since release and it mounts up to a rubbish router. This is my second one too, the first one crashed every few seconds so had to go back and be replaced.

I have a Belkin 7633 Router and it sucked, it always overheated and crashed after about 4-5 days of Operation, unstable as hell.

When i updated the firmware (which i can't downgrade), the router has an annoying habit of syncing to the ADSL exchange and refusing to login to my ISP, even though it says it's "connected", it's not.

I also brought a Belkin PCMCIA Wireless-G card, which loses connection to my always 4-5 bars network randomly.

So, in general, Belkin sucks major big ones. I got a Speedtough/Thomson Router and the damn thing is solid as a rock.

I agree, ALL Belkin products suck. I bought two items from this company, both failed to the point where I had to return them - even the cables are garbage, generic cables work better.