Berners-Lee: Keep the internet free

World wide web father Tim Berners-Lee told politicians on Thursday that it's critical to shield his seminal innovation from control by a single company or country. A top priority for policymakers going forward must be "making sure the web itself is the blank sheet, the blank canvas, something that does not constrain the innovation that's around the corner," the knighted engineer told a US House of Representatives panel that writes internet and telecommunications laws.

That means ensuring anyone can use the web regardless of what software or hardware they're running, which internet service provider supplies their connection, which language they speak, and what disabilities they have, Berners-Lee said. He was the sole witness invited to speak at a hearing in Washington, DC titled "The Future of the World Wide Web", the first of a series of events designed to keep politicians up to speed on communications issues. Although he has previously voiced support for net neutrality, Berners-Lee on Thursday stopped short of taking a position on the various bills on that topic proposed in Congress in the past year.

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Hey SimplyPotatoes, you should change your user name to simple potato, thats whole problem with the USA,you let busines run the country,AT&T dont give a rats ass about anything but making money ( just like the us administation)

internet MUST ALWAYS be free! ... NO one should have controll over it... sure it can be used in bad ways but the benefits far outweight the bad!

anyone who tries to controll the internet can go F**K themselfs!!! ... but to be honest, i think it's a matter of time before the gov tries to screw the public... they always do :(

internet is good source for finding the truth instead of the crap that major (controlled) news stations like CNN always talk about in general.

azz0r_wugg said,
The internet will never be "free".

You have to pay for a phone line and connection.

I know someone who didn't read past the headline.

Thats paying for the service. Water is free but you pay for the service of getting it cleaned/filtered and pumped to your house.

Unless you've noticed the neighbor hasn't locked down his stupid Router. and you've got a hand cranked laptop (the latter I don't) sooner or later it might be free.