Best Buy gets exclusive blue Type Cover as part of Surface Pro 3 pre-orders

Microsoft began taking pre-orders for its new 12-inch Surface Pro 3 tablet on Wednesday via its online store. However, it's not the only source for purchasing the company's newest hardware product; Best Buy has also begun to take pre-orders for the Surface Pro 3 as well.

The Best Buy website allows customers to purchase all five models of the Surface Pro 3, though only the ones with Intel's Core i5 processor will begin to ship on June 20th; the rest will begin shipping on August 31, including the cheapest $799 model. As revealed on the official Surface Twitter feed, Best Buy will also be the only source to get the blue version of the new and larger Type Cover. It will be priced at $129.99.

The site will also sell the purple, cyan and black Type Covers, but if you want to get the red version, it is being sold as an exclusive on the Microsoft Store website, again for $129.99. Microsoft and Best Buy already have a tight partnership thanks to the many Microsoft "store within a store" set ups at hundreds of Best Buy locations.

Source: Best Buy via Surface Twitter feed | Image via Microsoft

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Must be exclusive only in the US, as I've already pre-ordered a Blue and Red cover on the Microsoft Aus online store. I'd like to be able to finally buy a power cover and Surface Pro 2 dock locally!

Believe it or not, the pen holder "loop" is an accessory you can buy. *face palm*

"Additional Pen Loop $4.99" in the Press Event Details Kit

Why BestBuy exclusive? I hate it... But the colour is beautiful. Well, considering that I have to wait three months anyway I hope that by September it will be available in MS stores as well.

That's a sexy shade of blue! It's like a cool indigo colour. Wish they sold that at the MS Store since Best Buy annoys me lol.

This is a nice blue colour. Better than the cyan one. If I hadn't bought the pro 2 last year, would definitely get the 3 with this cover.

The Surface store on MS' site seems to only show Surface 2 and Surface Pro 3 as current options. Anything older is listed on clearance. Did they thin the heard and drop out even the very recent Surface Pro 2?

They will finish selling existing stocks of Surface Pro 2 but aren't going to be making any more. Most models are, in fact, already sold out. I'm sure they'll honor any corporate purchasing agreements, and then the Surface Pro 2 is no more, supplanted by the Surface Pro 3.