Best Buy has some Xbox One Day One units available for pre-order again

If you have been waiting to see if there would be any more Xbox One Day One units available for pre-order, today is your day. Best Buy has opened up its online website for what it calls "limited quantities" of Microsoft's next generation game console in its special edition form.

The announcement was made via Twitter today and the Best Buy website shows the Xbox One Day One edition ready for pre-orders for $499.99. This is actually the third time the retailer has put the Day One version on sale. Best Buy sold out of its initial supplies soon after it was announced in early June, then opened up pre-orders for the Day One console again in July before once again selling out.

Just a reminder: The Xbox One Day One edition will come in a limited edition black package, and will contain a Xbox One controller with a "Day One 2013" label on it, along with a code to add a special Xbox Live achievement for your account. Microsoft previously uploaded a video showing the unboxing of the Xbox One Day One version.

Source: Best Buy

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I just checked my AMEX and it has an authorization for the total amount, so I'm guessing they'll settle that transaction in the next day or so rather than wait for delivery. There's no shipping as the Best Buy deal is store pickup only.

(The truth is I want it but can't afford it right now, so to look good I'll make up some other reason that I'm not getting it.) I'm waiting to see if this cloud thing works out!

babyHacker said,
Guess a lot of people cancelled so they reopenned their pre orders.

More likely that Best Buy held some back for this very reason.

I gotta say, it's a shot in the dark with the tv thing. I am not worried at all about the gaming side but the TV side and how it will hook to my U-Verse and 5.1 in-a-box system has me a bit worried.

That being said, I was feeling ok waiting but thank you Best Buy for opening up some more just got me in the dog house with the wife!

chAos972 said,
Eh, I was going to but then I realised there's nothing particular that I MUST play on launch day. It can wait.

Agreed. I'd rather read about people's experiences anyway than drop half a grand on something I've yet to test or read about. Words on a controller are irrelevant.