Best Buy launches its own Surface trade-in program; ends October 21st

Microsoft may want you to trade in your old iPhones and iPads for a Microsoft Store gift card, but the folks at Best Buy also would like for you to consider trading in your old Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets. This week, the retailer launched a program that will give owners of Microsoft's first generation hardware devices a $200 minimal gift card, with a maximum trade in offer of $350.

The website indicates that this Surface trade in offer is only available if you bring the tablet to a Best Buy retail store. It is not offering the option of mailing in the product to get the gift card. The other limitation in this program is time. The last day that you can trade in your old Surface to Best Buy is October 21st. It's certainly not a coincidence that the second generation Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets go on sale the next day, October 22nd.

As we have mentioned before, trade-in offers like this one do give consumers a set price for their old gadgets but the chances are good you can get more money if you auction them off on sites such as eBay.

Source: Best Buy | Image via Best Buy

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Has anyone walked into a Best Buy physically to trade in a Surface RT? If so, what was your experience? What did you get for your RT? And what are you going to replace it with? For me, I'm going to update to the Surface 2 or Lumia 2520 pending the Nokia announcement on October 22nd. I bet a lot of people are thinking this way as well.

They must be absolutely crazy to think a 1100$, less than 8 month old, Surface Pro 128gb tablet is only worth 350$. Let alone the standard model, you can buy a used Surface Pro off ebay for no less than 650-700$ right now.

Seriously, I hope no one gets suckered into this poor excuse for a trade-in program. Heck people, give me your surface pro for 350$, I'll buy every one offered to me right now.

Klownicle said,
Heck people, give me your surface pro for 350$, I'll buy every one offered to me right now.

I'll give them $351

I might have a buyer interested in my Surface Pro, willing to offer me $750AUD including Type Cover and video out cable... What to do... What to do...

guys I work at geek squad, when I tested it out on our computers, every RT no matter what condition or capacity gets $200, Only a brand new 128GB pro gets $350.

Yeah...when I read 200$ minimum I got excited but that's for the Pro apparently - its 150$ MAXIMUM for Surface RT 32GB. That ain't happenin'!

This article says a minimum of $200, yet the site says $150. I'd be willing to trade it in for $200 or more

Amazon's trade in program will get you $170

ians18 said,
Honestly, for what I paid for it and how useful it's been for me, I think it is worth at least $279

That's not the point though. It's about providing a quick and easy means to get it off your hands. If you can find a buyer, then by all means. Personally, I'm a bit too preoccupied with other things to bother trying to sell something unless I have someone in mind that could use it. Time = money after all, and if I'm going to spend more time than I want to trying to sell something, it's just not worth it.