Best Buy NYC at Union Square ignores blizzard; plans to sell Surface Pro at midnight

On Thursday, Microsoft officially announced it had cancelled plans to hold a launch event for its Surface Pro tablet at the Best Buy store in New York City, Union Square. This was due to the incoming "Nemo" blizzard that's hitting the Northeastern seaboard today and tomorrow.

The blizzard is expected to dump between 10 to 14 inches of snow on New York City, so it's understandable that Microsoft would call off any formal launch events for the tablet. However, the Best Buy store in Union Square happens to be a 24 hour location, which technically means they could start selling the Surface Pro tablets at midnight tonight, even if the launch event itself is cancelled. reports that the Best Buy store still plans to stay open tonight, even with the Nemo blizzard that's scheduled to hit the city several hours beforehand. Neowin contacted the store as well and we were told that the Union Square location will be open tonight "unless things get crazy".

So if you are in Manhattan, and if you live near Union Square, and want to brave the storm, there's a good chance you could be one of the first people to get their hands on the Surface Pro tablet. However, we would recommend calling the Best Buy store first to make sure they will indeed be open at midnight.

Source: ZDNet
Blizzard image via Shutterstock

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This is a setup right? have a store at to sell something, which no one can get to due to a major snow storm and hurricane force wind gusts... just to maybe come out and say "sales where low at launch"... while most places are closing early and cancelling stuff because of it

I am Reid said,
yes, because 99% of all sales are done in new York.

why is it that no one can understand sarcasim anymore?

neufuse said,

why is it that no one can understand sarcasim anymore?

The Internet is serious business. There is no time for sarcasm or joking around ..

..obvious sarcasm..

Damn, sure glad I live in Canada, looks cold and miserable there.
I wouldn't go out in that weather to buy a Surface Pro, well maybe to use as a sled to slide back home on.

umm what? A person in Canada making fun of winter storm Nemo claiming it looks cold/miserable? That is kind of ironic, and funny. I am in upstate NY, where we are expected to get anywhere from 7-14" of snow, and it's really not that bad. The snow is coming down at a considerable pace, but everyone here is used to snow.

I actually went to the store last night to check on reservations. The customer rep mentioned that reservations have been closed for a while now. I thought reservations / pre orders didn't even start till this week?

Anyway, I think I may head to the store if it's not too bad out. People are making it out to be like it's the end of the world with a projected foot of snow. I don't remember this much craziness during major snow storms in the 90s where we got much more lol

If you own a car, snow like this is a nightmare. Looking for parking, shoveling your car out, losing that spot when you go to work, traffic, accidents, etc. It's a PITA. It's probably not so bad in the city. Most people, if they even have them, won't be using their cars to get around anyway.

aviator189 said,

He's making A FUNNY that nobody came because of the product and not because of the storm. GET IT?! AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA