BestBuy Moto 360 listing accidentally goes live, reveals price of the upcoming wearable

It has been six months since Motorola announced its first smart watch, and although there has been a hands-on leak of the device, the company didn’t reveal much about the upcoming Moto 360 until now. Nevertheless, it seems like BestBuy wanted to share some information, as a listing page for the smartwatch went live, and then got taken down.

First things first, the Moto 360 was listed at $249, which is the same price point that was leaked before. The listing went on detailing the specifications that are somewhat standard in every Android Wear device; Bluetooth 4.0 support, Android 4.3+ compatibility and a microphone along with some features like the ambient light sensor and stainless steel casing.

Although it will come as a surprise to many, the listing claimed the Moto 360 will come with a Texas Instruments processor instead of a Snapdragon. This is interesting as TI left the mobile scene two years ago.

According to the BestBuy listing, other specifications of the wearable include a 1.5-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 320 x 290 and water resistance up to 30 feet or 30 minutes. 512 MB of storage along with an internal pedometer and a heart rate sensor are also confirmed, but there was no information available about the battery.

Wireless N is also said to be supported by the Moto 360, but right now there are no credible claims related to this and Motorola hasn't confirmed it yet. If the device indeed comes with Wireless N, it will be the first among Android Wear to have built-in WiFi. Speaking of wireless technologies, the device is also rumored to support wireless charging.

Motorola is expected to announce the Moto 360 on September 4th.

Source & Images: phonearena

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The LED screen is still probably squared though, from the source "because of the black bar at the bottom that hides the ambient light sensor and display drivers. "

a0me said,
Because it looks crappier than even a $100 watch and it doesn't do much?

I'm fairly into my watches and I think the design is pretty nice, personally. I'll reserve judgement until I see one in person, but I think it looks good and I think these smart watches do have a future - it's all still in it's infancy.

I'm not slamming the Moto 360 in particular. I've yet to see a smartwatch that doesn't look like a $1 watch from the Dollar Store.

a0me said,
Sure, if you swap the face and the band, but doesn't it says a lot about how bad the original looks?
The faces are software. It's like changing your wallpaper on Windows. You make it sound like you have to go to some great effort to make those swaps. I suspect when you buy the phone they'll also give you a choice of bands so people who like metal bands can pick that, people who like leather bands can pick that, and people who don't care and just want a band for cheap can pick that. I think it's a pretty nice looking watch. I also think the Pebble Steel version looks alright. Sure they don't look like the top end jewelry watch but they don't look like Dollar Store watches either. Now the original Pebble I'll give you, DOES look like a Dollar Store watch.

Can I ask what your native language is? I've seen a few people say him/his instead of it/its. I find it really cute that you can give an object a gender.

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