Beta Audigy / Audigy 2 Drivers

Creative has released some beta Audigy drivers for all of us to play with. The only bad part is, the drivers have an auto destruct and will stop working on August 1st 2003, by which Creative says that a final release will be available. I suggest creating a restore point.

These drivers are for XP and 2000 ONLY.

They can be found here: Tom's Hardware

For the Audigy:

Sound Blaster Audigy performance increased by 10%-15% for EAX ADVANCED HD

Number of simultaneous voices has been doubled from 32 to 64

For the Audigy and Audigy 2:

Reverb presets setting by game audio engine is now on average 10X faster

EAX Morphing performance enhanced, typically yeilding a 2X improvement in framerates for morphed sections.

Download: Beta Audigy / Audigy 2 Drivers

News source: Toms Hardware (France) (English)

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I wish they would update SBLive drivers I'm sick of the crackling and MSN sign-in errors. They really suck and I have a digital set too, the drivers are a joke.