Big Xbox 360 Games on Demand sale next week

We like to point out when downloadable PC games have some weekend sales deals on NeoGamr. However, there are also downloadable games available on the various current generation consoles. Next week, Microsoft will be selling a large number of its Xbox 360 Games on Demand titles for as much as 75 percent off.

The sale, first revealed on the Major Nelson website, begins on Tuesday, June 19th and runs through Monday, June 25th. There are 20 games on the sales list and some of them are quite good if you have never played them. All but two of the games will be priced at just $4.99 each for the length of the sale. The other two, Conan and the 2008 reboot of the Prince of Persia franchise, will be priced even less, at $3.99 each.

Some of the other games in the sale include the fun 2010 released third person action game Dark Void from developer Airtight Games, the first game in the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter series from Ubisoft and two Xbox 360 launch games from developer Rare: Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo. Hopefully, Microsoft will make sales like this more of a regular occurrence from now on.

Source: Major Nelson website

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GRAW is a good game and I just purchased it as I never finished it the first time around and $5 is not much. Picking up Duke Nukem tomorrow for $7 at gamestop lol.

Wow. The comments on Major Nelson's site are very defaming. I agree with them in some, and I would really like to see a major upgrade on the next iteration of Xbox.

I might get GRAW again vs buying the disc at GameStop. Gotta go buy a HDD at gamestop though to download all these. Only got the 4GB Xbox. I got PDZ when it first came out and never got to play it so now maybe I can check that out again.

Dunno though, how about some newer stuff MS! Maybe even Gears of War 1 or something thrown in. I know Halo is your cash cow but how about throwing in something from that.