Bill Clinton will be speaking at Microsoft's SharePoint Conference 2014

Microsoft will hold its first SharePoint Conference in over a year on March 3-6 in Las Vegas and today the company announced that it will bring in a very well known political figure to be its keynote speaker.

The official Office blog has announced that Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the U.S. and currently the head of the non-profit Clinton Foundation, will speak on the first day of the conference on March 3rd at 8:30 am. The keynote is open to all General Registration attendees but the blog advises them to arrive early, most likely because the venue at the Venetian Hotel and Resort will have a limited amount of space.

Exactly what President Clinton will be speaking about to a group of IT professionals is unknown at this point. The General Registration is still open for SharePoint Conference 2014 at a cost of $1,995, which also gives attendees access to the exhibit area, along with all of the conference's sessions and evening events, and even providing daily meals. There's also an Exhibit Hall only pass for $350 and a Guest Pass for $150 that lets users attend a party at the conference on March 4th.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Clinton Foundation

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MS needs to stop bringing in celebrities for celebrities' sake at their conferences. Politicians are even worse.

I remember a few years ago rolling my eyes when they paid Patrick Stewart to say "you leave the enterprise to me" when discussing some enterprise product they were introducing (I forget what, exactly). I swear they brought him in just for that one line.

It's embarrassingly lame.

I don't see how the connection is pretty obscure. SharePoint is designed to move documents and other information online versus on paper, and as you know Bill Clinton is a big believer that global warming is happening. The talk will probably be mostly about ethics, in using computers to improve the world.

Gates already did a lot of conferences. Clinton would be speaking from a different perspective from a business standpoint. Should be interesting.