Bill Gates to deliver Tech-Ed Developers keynote today

Bill Gates will kick off Tech-Ed Developers in Orlando, Florida today.

The keynote will begin at 8:30am EST (1:30pm BST, 2:30pm CET). It is not yet known what Gates plans to talk about but many are hoping he may unveil micro details about Windows 7 following on from the touch demonstration last week at all things digital.

Tech-Ed Developer kicks off today but Neowin will be covering Tech-Ed professional this time next week on our events blog and live feed. If there's anything about Windows 7 we will catch it.

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It's over, waiting for the full download. I just caught the last question, so was any of it about windows 7?

They will talk about cool "'new" effects in 7, most of which will be copied from Compiz but demand DirectX 11 GPU with 1+GB memory.

I'd rather MS didn't employ features like that at all. Compiz is just an annoyance after a while. Try moving Windows around in Ubuntu on a 15.4" laptop screen with "Snap to Edges" turned on, and god forbid you should try to adjust any of the settings.

Operating Systems should be functional. Leave Fancy features to application developers.

The snap to edges plugin should be disabled when the wobbly windows plugin is enabled. For some reason ubuntu will enable both when you apply full effects. But I can see what you mean, its not very well implemented.