Bill Gates to get LinkedIn

Just a short while after abandoning Facebook due to being overwhelmed with friend requests, Bill Gates plans to experiment on rival service LinkedIn.

On Thursday, the Microsoft Chairman will post a question related to "how technology can be better utilized for charitable causes" to LinkedIn's entire 19 million members. It will be interesting to see whether Gates finds LinkedIn scales to someone of his stature any better than Facebook.

The move comes as part of a set of announcements that LinkedIn plans to make on Thursday. A pitch from LinkedIn noted the company will have a revamped home page to show off as well as a "notable advertising announcement." They declined to say whether said announcement is with Microsoft, however.

Neowin Asks: Are you LinkedIn? If so, do you find the service helpful?

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LinkedIn is to professional networking what FaceBook and MySpace are to social networking. Its not a place to make friends, but rather a space to better establish working relationships. Having used the service for nearly two years, can attest to the fact that many of today's professionals are turning to LinkedIn to enhance their careers. Not only can people interconnect through the service, but now many professional "head hunters" or "talent scouts" if you will, recruit directly from LinkedIn, either in lieu of or in addition to, traditional recruiting practicies.

Either way, LinkedIn, and probably future services based on the same concept, are the future to building and maintaining a network of professionals within your given profession.

Now, if only Bill will accept my invitation.

(ZAnwar said @ #3)

It's supposed to be: Are you used to LinkedIn?

But does that even make sense?

It's actually "Are you LinkedIn?" -- and has anyone ever heard of a typo?

I've been using LinkedIn for a couple of years now and I love it. I find it to be a far more efficient and professional way to keep up with people. It's also interesting to see the background and connections of business clients, vendors, co-workers. Just yesterday I got an email from a former co-worker of mine letting me know that a connection I just added (our Sun rep) was his uncle.

Feel free to invite me to your LinkedIn connections.
"marshalus at neowin dot net" should work as a contact address.