Bill Gates will not run for president, or office. Ever.

We here at Neowin know that some people dislike Bill Gates. But no matter your opinion of him as a technologist and a business man, there's no denying that both he and his wife have done wonders for charitable organisations through their Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Now, depending on your opinion of him again, you might see his decision to rule out running for public office as a masterstroke of genius or stupidity. So, no President William Gates III then.

Gates has said that running for office is not how he wants to change the world, stating that the office of president is overrated, and would rather focus his efforts on his and his wife's foundation. Speaking at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, he went on to say that his current role doesn't require him “to get elected” and he doesn’t “have term limits of eight years.”

It’s not the first time this has been suggested either. Speaking in London in 2008, when asked about getting into politics, his response was simply to say he “won’t get into that.” At least he’s consistent.

So, for the rest of his living days, he is going to devote his time to philanthropy. The bonus of this role is that he does get to advise the US presidential office on different issues from time to time... and hey, he still gets to visit The White House.

Source: TechEYE | Image courtesy of African Success

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If you want the job then you are clearly, inherently, unqualified for the job. Which make Mr Gates imminently qualified. Kind of a shame really, but he's doing far more good now than he ever could as president.

Whew... sorry Bill, I like windows and all, but not your UN Globalist takeover policies... or your eugenics views.

Izlude said,
Whew... sorry Bill, I like windows and all, but not your UN Globalist takeover policies... or your eugenics views.
Deer Antivaxer, Thank you very much for your continued support which has saved me from extinction.

Yours faithfully Measles Mumps and Rubella.

I tried to argie this point with my boss. CEO's of companies dont make good Presidents. A CEO can do whatever he wants as he owns the company and you must do what he says whether you like it or want too. The President doesnt have the same equal power. The President is just a face. It is Congress who writes the laws and it is them who actually is the boss.

The US has checks an balances that prevtn one perdson to have all the pwoer as that person can be corrupted. Hwoever, we also see corruption is surely done in groups. The COngress is full of corrupt monoploitic, republican trash. I wish someone would put the USA out of their misery buy getting rid of them. I wish RAID made a spray that could automatically seekt them out and put them on their backs

TechieXP said,

The COngress is full of corrupt monoploitic, republican trash.

And corrupt democrats/independents too. Corruption is a fault of human nature, not merely republican.

He's not stupid, he ios smart. Politics is full of criminal and prejudice. Gates is smart to not be in that world. If anyone thinsk he is stupid for not getting involved, they should look at themselves for actually being stupid.

only people who run for president are self centered full of them self narcissistic egotistic I'm the best person in the world bow down to me (guess that's enough of similar descriptions for it for now) people in the world who only want their name, face and power in everyone's faces... when teachers tell kids you could be president someday I tell them, trust me you don't want to be president *LOL*

Bill Gates is President of the world. He runs several countries: Windows (1.5 billion users), Office (1 billion users) and serveral others XBOX, etc. He makes China and India look like they are not even trying.

its like in any election campaign they spout off how they would change the country for the better, do this that and the other but its not that simple. It takes time and most importantly money. Seeing as theres no money around cus were all in debt how do you change anything. Then the ones that dont get elected spend the next x amount of years slating the current guy for something that they cant possibly acheive. Why would Gates want that?

He's got billions of dollars (prolly more cash than the US government atm), so he can do freely do things to change stuff in the things he wants to do

I agree that the office of the President is NOT the place to affect real change. Sorry but in 4 years (maximum 8 years) very little REAL good can be achieved. Face it, you spent the first 4 cleaning up the mess the last guy left. The next 4 are your defining years (if you get them). And then you must spend at least 1 of them paving the way for either the next guy or the guy after (dependant upon the swing).

About the only reason to want to be President is for all the free benefits AFTER leaving office, which I'm positive Gates doesn't have to worry about.

There's only one man I want to be president: Steven Seagal. And you can take that to the bank.

No, I would support Bill. I think he has good values and common sense. Pitty (along with everyone else that would make good candidates) he's not interested. He WOULD make a difference, unlike Obama or especially Julia Gillard.

I don't know much about this guy (aside from the obvious) but the few times I see him in the news he really sounds like a nice down-to-earth person.

Not that he "didn't stand a chance", but I've always been sure that he didn't want it - it would simply get in the way for a guy like Gates.

Yeah, that's more what I was getting at. Not that it was impossible, but that I have never even heard about the suggestion of Gates running for office. Where did it spring from?

There's an assumption that anyone who wants any form of power...

But yeah, I have never heard him mention it, or anyone suggest it. Moreover I HAVE heard him say how much he dislikes the political games and so on...

Nobody with any sense would ever run for president. We can all sit here and say that we'd do X, Y, and Z if we were president, and brainstorm about how much better we would be than the guy currently in office, but nobody with any sanity left in their head would ever willingly subject themselves to that kind of stress in exchange for such limited power.