Bill Gates will stop selling off his Microsoft stock at the end of 2014

Last week, Microsoft founder Bill Gates sold off some more of his stock in the company and in so doing finally, lost his title as the person who owns the most of its shares. Now Gates has announced that those quarterly stock sell offs will end by the end of 2014.

In a TV interview with CNBC today, Gates said, "I sold for over a decade the same number of shares every quarter. That plan lasts through the end of this year. I'm going to retain a lot of Microsoft's stock." Last week, Gates sold 4.6 million shares, which reduced his ownership in Microsoft to 330.1 million shares. That puts him below the level of shares owned by former CEO Steve Ballmer, who has not indicated any plans to sell off his portion of Microsoft stock.

The fact that Gates will still be holding onto a large portion of Microsoft is likely to be viewed as being supportive of the company and its current efforts under recently named CEO Satya Nadella. In the same CNBC interview, Gates stated, "Satya is off to an amazing start. [Nadella] drawing on a broad set of people in the company to get them rethink how can Microsoft move a bit faster."

Source: CNBC | Image via Bill Gates

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Star-Pirate said,
Like he needs the money...

Maybe, who knows, maybe he needs to expand one of his private projects. Extend the cure of a disease to some country for example.

Hussam Al-tayeb said,

I wonder how most share holders feel about that.


I wish I had 1/300000th of that many shares!

Hussam Al-tayeb said,
I think most want him to sell his shares and move on like Bill Gates is doing.

Most share holder's opinion does not dictate how he manages his share portfolio.

Similarly we all want our politicians do the "right" thing but do they? Luckily we can vote them out. A shareholder like Steve Balmer is independent to that system.

Chikairo said,
Microsoft does pay out dividends, right? So it'll still be a source of income for him, his foundation, etc.

yes, He makes a TON of money on dividends... 300 million shares x current dividend he's making hundreds of millions

last annual dividend was $1.12 so he makes about $340 million a year in dividends