Bing aiming to win this Christmas

The holiday season is nearly upon us and Microsoft has signaled it wants to be the search engine for Christmas this year.

A new commercial, released earlier this week and spotted first by the folks at LiveSide, highlights the familiar "search overload syndrome" that Microsoft referred to in its first Bing commercials in June when Bing officially launched to the world. Since the launch of Bing, Microsoft has managed to snatch 10.7% market share with 1.1 billion searches in August alone.

The advert has a holiday season feel as a young child visits Santa to explain his wish list for Christmas. The boy wants an Xbox 360 and the immediate response from Santa and his helpers is a mix of facts and non-helpful information. The tag-line is "what has search overload done to the holidays? Find a cure at". Microsoft is clearly sending out a message that it wants people to try Bing for the holiday season this year.

Bing is Microsoft's overhauled Live Search, now with a range of new features that warrants it the description 'decision engine', as opposed to the regular 'search engine'. You can easily search videos, websites and filter them to show reviews or other links. You can also use it to compare things such as flight information, maps or different shopping websites. If you're interested in all the various search options you can perform, check out Neowin's hands on from earlier this year.

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Nice commercials but that's not enough to convince me to swap to Bing, though it might others who aren't as picky about results as I am.

Haha, that "moms who wear their jeans to match their teen's jeans" woman is there again! She just looks so funny when she's saying it.

However, "search overload" doesn't seem to exist very frequently in real life..

Finally, decent marketing effort from Microsoft.

"Search overload" is a very real thing and now that Micorsoft has en engine that delivers results, they've made an effective solution to the problem.

I don't like bings results as much as google. I dont like google's interface sometimes and prefer bings, but I do love Bing commercials..... "They're wait....... Who's waiting?!?" Still my favorite line.

Google does turn up more results, but that's because a lot of it is paid links, fake links, unrelated nonsense (such as the ridiculous "results only appears in links pointing to this page"), and other trash. I think Google still has a far better image search though (however I like the way Bing's are displayed on one neverending page).

Yahoo will be powered by Bing in the future, as soon as Yahoo and Microsoft's lawyers stop acting like children and reach an agreement.

And even then, Global market share numbers are skewed, I mean look at it per country and in places like China, Google isn't first, hell Yahoo gets used alot in the Asian market still.