Bing is testing several new layouts

Bing is always in a constant state of testing new features and 'flighting' them with different user groups. On occasion, we are able to spot these changes and get a small peek into the world of Bing.

Over the past couple of days, we have gotten two separate tips with new features that appear to be in testing. One is a larger landing page image that you see at the top of the post and the other is a revised search results page.

Microsoft has been pushing Bing services more into the public lately with features such as their prediction engine that has made its way into Cortana. That feature has also been recently updated too as Cortana can now tell you who she thinks will win NFL games.

The second layout (below) moves the top header bar that is currently a dark charcoal color and puts it below the search bar but above the search results.


These features are being tested with a limited number of users at the moment as we do not have the views (yet) when we head over to 

For Microsoft, Bing is a key component for many of its services. While it may not always be the most visible feature, it does power search for Windows desktops around the world and the IP plays a key part as Microsoft expands more services to the web.

After seeing the new layouts that are being tested, do you like the current design or do you hope these styles roll-out to everyone?

Thanks for the tips A340600 and Mulsivaas

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Johan Sven Petersson said,
I got this layout yesterday

I get that off and on past few months. Also this

I was the one who submitted that second photo. Just wanted to add that my image results page has been updated as well, but not with the same layout as my web results page. It has a persistent search bar at the top when scrolling down and grows to a header bar when scrolling up or at the top of the page, much like the new Neowin header.

It looks like I have the newer Bing layout on my search results page (granted I'm at work). I think it looks nice. It feels more spacious.

I wish they would put the search bar back on the bottom of the page. It is extremely annoying to have to scroll back to the top to alter my search.