Bing Maps adds 13 million square kilometers of global aerial imagery

Microsoft makes regular updates to the images for its Bing Maps service and this week the company announced it has added 13 million square kilometers of aerial photos from around the world to its database. The images themselves have a total file size of 315.92 terabytes.

The Bing Maps blog has a photo that points out the locations of the new aerial images in yellow dots. You might notice that the continental US and much of western Europe don't have any such dots. That's because Microsoft completed a project that added high resolution aerial photos for Bing Maps that covered both territories back in August 2012.

However, there's plenty to see in this image update, including new views of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil (home of the 2016 Summer Olympics) along with other parts of South America. Sections of Africa, Asia, Mexico, Canada and Australia have also been upgraded with the new images as well as parts of Alaska and Hawaii.

We are still waiting for Microsoft to launch the promised new 3D version of Bing Maps. The company confirmed at BUILD 2013 that such a project is in development and will use Internet Explorer 11 and WebGL.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Yet still 2 years behind gmaps. Google has structures built less than 6 months ago. As a Nokia 920 & Surface user it's hard to get away from sucking hind tit in this dept.

Honestly, it depends on the area. Bing has newer (2011) images of my city than Google (2008), but the opposite is true in other places. Keeping up to date imagery is a huge project, so we can only hope that competition continues.

Also, I wish Google did their Street View images during good weather. I love Street View, but they should do it in the spring time when things are green and pretty, not on an overcast day in the middle of winter.

Bing maps has newer aerial imagery of my Town than Google does.

Actually in my town Street View was captured when the weather was reasonably nice, which makes a change to the usual dull weather we have in the UK!

I think the final result will be that it is the same data base and functions anyways .. that is what i hope.. dont need to have two different qualities of that programm using both services sometimes

I believe they are using data from Nokia. If you visit the site, you will notice Microsoft and Nokia's name at the lower hand side.