Bing testing expanded content view on homepage

Microsoft loves to tweak the Bing landing page and today we are seeing yet another iteration that the company is trying out. As you can see in the image above, Bing is currently testing, from what we can tell in limited markets, a new expanded content section for its homepage.

The small tweak allows for you to expand the content bar that populates the bottom section of the existing layout. When you click the up arrow, an expanded field of content is displayed to bring more information front and center.

It is likely that Bing is testing out this feature and it may never be rolled out to all users. We have recently seen Bing test out a feature to allow you to download the background image natively for those of you who love their daily updates.

Let us know if you see the expanded field content because as of right now, we are not privy to this feature. 

Thanks for the tip @TheNordicGod!

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In my case, I now can now minimize the content bar that populates the bottom section, to see the entire image. The icons also look larger than before. I supposed this will enable for touch devices and look cool on a Win8 tablet!

Prymitywista said,
You can still download it by right click and choose "download wallpaper". You're welcome.

Doesn't work for me. I can Show Background Image, then Save Image As or Set Background As.