Bing turns five, celebrates with history and Bing homepage gallery

Bing started nearly five years ago as a serene homepage featuring Polychrome Pass. It was a clean and uncluttered page that featured several categories and a search bar. Over the past five years, not much has changed. The Bing webpage remains simple, with a beautiful background that refreshes on a daily basis, several categories, and a search bar. There are some cosmetic additions but the general layout is fairly unchanged. 

Today, the Bing blog posted a recap of five years of Bing and the evolution of search. It starts in 2009 with the introduction of creating an improved web experience by adding semantic technology to create better and relevant search results.

In 2010, Bing partnered with Facebook and Twitter to index search results from the social media giants. In 2012, Bing brought together the idea of indexing search results from social media sites and weaving it together with search results from the web and Bing. This resulted in a new three-column format.

Finally, in 2014, Bing became the backbone of Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana. As Microsoft continues to create innovative solutions, Bing will surely benefit from these advances. Much like it did over the course of five years, Bing is looking to change the way we search by creating a search engine that is proactive, can anticipate our needs, and works to make our lives easier.

Happy birthday, Bing.

Source: Bing | Image via Bing

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Honestly I prefer Google over Bing most of the time, but regardless of Bing and Yahoo apparently sharing a common search engine. Actually the rebranding sounds much less corny than MSN or Windows Live. Now if only they could rename MSN. I doubt most people know what MSN even stands for... Well, apparently even I didn't know. Microsoft Service Network. I thought it meant Microsoft Network. Yeah that's what it is, but the term sounds so 90's. Wonder if they should retire the butterfly, too. Maybe hide it as an Easter Egg and get a newer mascot. Like Clippy. Everyone hates Clippy, but who likes dial-up these days? True, some people are stuck with it (thanks, massive inequality blamed on economy!), but to many it may evoke associations with slow dial-up.

Anyhow, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it, but if you use rewards you can earn up to FIVE TIMES your normal credit amount. As a gold member, I got 75. I admit, I do often just type in random stuff just to accumulate points. And click every related link. Still, there's worse people do. Some people actually have made bots to earn points from Bing Rewards. Now that's down-low greed. MS may not be running out of money any time soon, but I'm sure Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer would rather use the money as firewood or donate it before letting a cheat have it. Just Google search for proof. Sadly, even somewhere on XDA there's an Android app that "automates" Bing Rewards. People like this make it so there's reasons for nice things to go away. How sad and pathetic. I've earned a ton of money off Bing Rewards. I even like how IE10 and IE11 integrate with Bing and other MS services, at least on 8 and 8.1. Also Bing needs to do something about SEO spam even more than Google. And poisoned search results and malware. No extreme censorship. Just remove the crap.

"As Microsoft continues to create innovative solutions, Bing will surely benefit from these advances."

Please fix this immediately, the word "innovative" has been banned forever. I'll send you another copy of the memo.

Pretty useless in Italy, nice wallpapers though, that you can't download using the local version, but that's not a problem, I just switch to the US version which is much much better.

Search results are not accurate, they are accurate only with queries regarding very general or well known topics, but if you look for something more specific or just less searched you are unlikely to find what you were looking for.

Maps are average, but they don't pick up street names the way Google does, for example, here every street is named after a person or an historical event, if you don't search for the entire name, name and surname, unless it's a very important street, it won't recognize the name, and many times, especially if it's not a famous person, or maybe just a person known locally, you won't know that person's full name, the same goes for dates, if it's a date important locally you have to write the entire date, sometimes in arabic numbers sometimes in roman numbers; talking about Maps, support for public transportation is very poor, almost nonexistent, and generally they don't receive updates as often as Google, however usually Bing Maps have better satellite images, but that's not that useful for the average person looking for directions.

News and Weather are good.

Then there's the lack of functionality. The American home page is interactive, with news and information, on the Italian home page there's nothing, you can't even download the wallpapers. If you search for a person or a place on Bing US you get a lot of information without having to visit other websites, this does not happen with the Italian version.

And in my opinion this is very odd, Italy is one of the strongest markets for Windows Phone, probably the strongest one in Europe and the strongest among not so poor countries, yet Bing services are very US-centric, and WP users still don't know if they'll ever get Cortana, word is at some point in 2015 but, as far as I know, it's not official.

The homepage images are something that I always loved in Bing, it kept me coming back to see what's new just as much to seach. With the Bing Desktop I get those images on my desktop and I honestly can't remember the last time I actually downloaded a wallpaper to keep. There's no need, Bing has it covered.

I still remember comments saying Bing won't last because Microsoft is loosing so much money on it - but now with Cortana, you can be absolutely sure it's here to stay for a long, long time.

Bing's homepage images have been inspirational to me, for photography and travel in particular. Every day it's such a treat that I look forward to.

Bing is a really great search engine at least here in US. I get better search result or at worst on par with google. rewards are nice perks too. no complain