Bioshock 2 PC to finally get Minerva's Den DLC May 31

PC owners of 2010's first person shooter sequel -- BioShock 2 -- will finally be able to purchase and download the final single player chapter for the game in a couple of weeks. Publisher 2K Games announced via the Cult of Rapture community site that Minerva's Den, previously released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, will be made available for the PC port on May 31. The release will be made via Games For Windows Live and will cost 800 Microsoft points (about $10). The single player only campaign puts the player inside another one of the "Big Daddy" creatures as he explores and takes part in an adventure in another part of the underwater city of Rapture.

Minerva's Den was previously released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles on August 31. At the time a PC release was also planned but later 2K Games announced that the PC port would not be released due to the development team at 2K Marin team running out of time and moving on to other projects. There was a massive outcry from BioShock 2's PC players against this move and a few weeks later 2K Games reversed their decision and announced that Minerva's Den (and another DLC pack, Protector Trials) would be coming to the PC after all. The Protector Trials was released for free for PC owners on March 14.

Of course the next chapter in the BioShock saga is BioShock Infinite from the series' original creators Irrational Games. That title was first announced last August and will be released by 2K Games sometime in 2012.

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I also thought it was going to be free.. but I don't care enough to dig up old articles about it since I never even finished the first level of the game because of how stripped down the second was compared to the first, both gameplay and technology wise (EAX removed for example).

So many companies going down the drain..

i thought both the dlc was meant to be free on the pc

thats the only reason i bought it in the last steam sale

This was released 9 months ago for consoles. Releasing for PC now is just an insult. They should have released it for free as a gesture to the fanbase. With so many great games coming out all the time it is simply ridiculous for a mediocre game to try to drag things out with tardy and expensive DLC.

I'm finishing up the game now but I definitely won't be buying this. Bioshock 2 is nice but nowhere near the level of the original Bioshock.

Geez, I thought BioShock Infinite was going to be out before this got here, and I agree yes this should be free... It's been so long that people have prob played through it twice and uninstalled the game by now...

Oh FFS, I bought the game when it was released, didn't play it until a year later, enjoy it when I did, and then uninstalled it. Now they want to charge extra for a 'level' that I have no idea how long might take me to complete. I don't think I'll bother.

I love how these game companies release things weeks and months after consoles yet still somehow think they should charge full price just because it is "new".

This thing should be FREE for PC users because of the delay.