BioShock is the #1 PC game for August, Madden for consoles

On the PC front for August sales, BioShock bio-owned pretty much every other game, even the unstoppable World of Warcraft. BioShock sold 77,374 copies to World of Warcrafts 49,126 copies.

Sadly (or happily, depending on what type of gamer you are) on the console side of the world, BioShock got destroyed by Madden 08. Across all platforms, Madden 08 sold about 2 Million copies through August. Specifically, the Xbox 360 version of Madden 08 sold the best, selling 896,592 copies, while the Playstation 2 version came in 2nd with 643,617 copies. BioShock which was 3rd for the month on the console charts sold 490,910 copies through the end of August. Certainly not a bad number by any stretch, and with the rumors of a sequel (or sequels) already planned, these sales numbers certainly help.

Here are the top five best sellers for the PC for August, and then for consoles:

1) Bioshock - 2K Games
2) World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Expansion Pack - Vivendi
3) World Of Warcraft - Vivendi
4) Guild Wars Eye Of The North Expansion Pack - NCsoft
5) Civilization IV: Beyond The Sword Expansion Pack - 2K Games

1) Madden NFL 08 - Xbox 360 - Electronic Arts
2) Madden NFL 08 - Playstation 2 - Electronic Arts
3) BioShock - Xbox 360 - 2K Games
4) Madden NFL 08 - Playstation 3 - Electronic Arts
5) Play With Remote - Wii - Nintendo of America

Well, there you have it. BioShock is doing pretty well either way you slice it. It just can't quite outsell Madden 08. Sales figures are of course from the NPD Group as always.

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At least the new Madden is actually deserving of being on that list. They finally made a decent game after a few years of crappy versions.

Not so much overhyped/overated as it is outright addicting. I used to be a major FPS gamer, kicking ass every day with my clan. According to splatterladder though, I haven't played in more than 3 months.

And don't forget, online sales ie: Steam, Direct 2 Drive etc are NOT counted towards these numbers.

Only 77k? That's a complete and utter failure compared against a game (WoW) which has been out for 3 years now. The console version is what made this a "success". Don't be surprised if BioShock 2 is a straight-up console-only shooter done by some mercenary dev team with all the story elements stripped out.

Your post fails to mention how BioShock kicks f---ing ass regardless.

Reason why it doesn't hit PC so hard is because people don't take the extra expense for a decent graphics card when they buy their computer. Though, it's partly to blame on the computer manufacturers who make a high-priced machine, and label it the "gaming rig", when you can play for a lot less money. Besides, if you already got the console, why go through the extra expense of upgrading?

Also, you failed to mention that World of Warcraft = crack.

..and yes, I am addicted to it as well.