Bitcasa out of beta; limited offer of $69 a year for 'infinite' cloud storage

After months of beta testing, the cloud storage service Bitcasa is finally ready to take your money. Today, the company announced it is officially out of beta and is offering users a special limited time offer to access its "infinite" amount of cloud storage for $69 a year.

Bitcasa says that their price for the infinite storage option will be going up to $99 a year after the end of February. It adds:

Bitcasa simplifies storage with the Infinite Drive, which works like a magic external hard drive that never crashes or runs out of space. Users can free up space by moving files from laptop and mobile devices into the Infinite Drive. Everything becomes instantly available across all devices regardless of device capacity or file formats. In addition, Bitcasa is fully encrypted client-side, which means that unlike other services, Bitcasa employees can’t access any data for any reason.

The company offers access to its service via web browsers, along with clients for the Windows and Mac desktops, a Windows 8/RT app, and Android and iOS apps.  If you don't want to pay money for the infinite storage, there's also the option to upload up to 10 GB of data on Bitcasa for free.

Source: Bitcasa | Image via Bitcasa

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Interesting thing here, $69 a year for so called infinite storage? but how infinite? i'm not sure that a terrabite of my files will be stored. If it's true I'm ready to switch 4Sync offer for Bitcasa. But I'm still thinking

The biggest problem I have with this and all payfer storage services is that my data would be locked behind a paywall. Should I lose the ability to pay the monthly fee my data is unavailable to me (and at worst, lost completely) until I regain that ability which possibility itself may be locked behind the paywall.

Since loss of ability to pay for anything for a pretty significant amount of time has actually happened to me this is not an abstract concern.

I've paid for the last 2 years for similar service. $5/month for unlimited data uploaded and stored. They use off the shelf hard drives and built their own servers, and their costs are lower than fancy Amazon or other services.

So it's doable, as long as they have their financials in order.

HP couldn't pull cloud storage because their costs were so high.

SpyderCanopus said,
I don't trust cloud storage startups with my precious data.

Same here. However, for cloud based access to my 16TB of recorded TV, this might actually be worth $100 to me.
Good thing I'm getting fiber upgrade this year. Soon I'll have the upload bandwidth to store this online.

encrypt locally and upload. Easy

SpyderCanopus said,
Mega is already outdated. Lol.

But I don't trust cloud storage startups with my precious data.

I like Crashplan better and it offers unlimited backups too. But, it's nice to see the price of online backups going down in price.

I've used it since just after the beta since I saw the Windows 8 app. I found it work quite well, and had good options. The whole process seemed smoother than Dropbox or Skydrive for me and the price is definitely right as a backup possibility.

Far safer to go with more reputable company. I prefer Skydrive tbh. 25GB for free. Not saying I "trust" MS with my data, but in general, I "trust" MS more than I do for the makers of DropBox and Google.

I'm always wary of these types of companies claiming infinite or unlimited storage. Back in 2003, I made a mistake and paid $250 to a webhosting company called "" for a lifetime webhost for 1000mb. I was a noob at that time regarding web stuff. The company went under a year later and then then they tried giving coupons to compensate its users. It was really stupid and their customer support was horrible while trying to fix this problem.