BitTorrent Optimized Microprocessor Announced

BitTorrent continues to expand beyond the computer. Today, the Taiwanese company IAdea announced that BitTorrent optimized microprocessors will become available soon. This makes it relatively easy to add BitTorrent support to other consumer electronics devices.

The microprocessor will enable hardware manufacturers to create devices that directly download .torrent files, and play files that are downloaded over BitTorrent. This is one step further in simplifying BitTorrent, and incorporating it in non-PC hardware.
John Wang, CEO of IAdea Corporation and developer of the new chip said in a response, "This new service architecture is infinitely scalable, delivers faster as more users join, and can be built at a fraction of the cost of a traditional server farm. We see this trend emerging as 'Web 3.0′ where each consumer becomes part of a universal content storage and delivery system. Our new chip plays part in the new paradigm by making BitTorrent available efficiently and economically. You should not be surprised if you find your next car or cellphone enabled with our technology."

The processors will be available to hardware manufacturers within a couple of months to embed in existing products such as wireless routers, NAS, mobile phones and DVD players. Last October, BitTorrent Inc announced deals with Asustek Computers, Planex Communication and QNAP Systems to build BitTorrent compatible routers and other devices.

News source: TorrentFreak
Link: iAdea Corporation

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Interesting, Web 3.0? Is that guy just trying to sound 'cool' because he thinks he has realised the next potential of the internet and made a term for it?

And why would I want to download a pirated movie to my car or cellphone when I could download it to my computer at home which is connected to a comparatively good internet connection. Yeah, my car really wants to watch movies!