BitTorrent Plus! 2 v1.3 RC1

BitTorrent Plus! is a powerful and featured BitTorrent client. It based on the mature BitTorrent core with the exciting enhancement of BitTornado. BitTorrent Plus! is able to be customized easily, a lot of options are provided. You can also choicely download a torrent file.

The major features list:

+ Choicely download, download files what you want.
+ NAT Traversal, connects LAN clients (XP SP2 is recommended, not tested on Server 2003).
+ Read/Write Buffering, decreases disk input/output operation with more memory load.
+ Up/Down Rate Limiting, help you save your bandwidth.
+ Fast resume, restart download without file checking.
+ High-detailed Information/Control Panel.
+ P2P Chat Technology, extended protocol enables you to chat with other peers.
+ Peer Info Sharing Technology, share peer info with other peers.
+ Automatic UPnP Port Mapping, increases your rate if you're in a LAN (XP SP1 and upper only).
+ Graphic Up/Down Rate Recorder, visualized rate recording.
+ Before-download torrent information report and setting.
+ Downloading/Seeding Log, restart your download/seeding progress easily.
+ Super-Seed seeding mode, increases your seeding efficiency.
+ Peer Picker Technology, disconnects useless peers.
+ Max Connections Limiting, help you save your memory.
+ Intelligent TCP/IP concurrent connections controlling, means a better work with Windows XP SP2.
+ TCPIP.SYS patching in Windows XP SP2, increases TCP/IP concurrent connections limitation.
+ Tip of the Day, helps you use the software better.
+ Multi-Language User Interface, three languages are provided.
+ Version Checker, reminds you if a newer version is released.
+ Automatic shutting down if the download is completed (optional).
+ Seed Cloning, clones seeds instantly, makes your torrent hotter.
+ VNN Adapter Support.

Minor features:

+ Detailed Internal Information Logging.
+ Supports IPv6 Protocol.
+ Supports Torrent File Multi-Tracker Extension.
+ Supports Multi-Port Tracker.
+ Status Lights, shows the torrent status. Two suits are provided.
+ Incomplete File(s) Deleting Shortcut.
+ Supports Peers' Version Displaying.
+ Automatic Up/Down Rate Controlling (optional).
+ Detailed Read/Write Buffering Statistics.
+ Password Asking when the main window restores.
+ Splash Screen (optional).
+ Disconnected Peers Reconnecting.
+ Upload Priority of Peers.
+ Multiple Upload Rate Limiting Methods.
+ Support Windows XP Visual Style.
+ Up/Down arrow task bar icon in the same color as the status light.

What's new in BitTorrent Plus! 2 1.3 RC1 released 1.19.2007

* Better log displayer.
* Experimental fix of file priorities.
* The program now correctly turns to unlimited-upload when finished.
* The bug in CompleteDir is fixed.

Note: To keep your system clean, it is recommended to deselect the following components during the installation:

* Baidu Toolbar
* CNNIC Helper
* Set as your homepage

Download: BitTorrent Plus! 2 v1.3 RC1
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: BitTorrent Plus! 2 Home Page

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How about a link in ENGLISH! and i don't like the fact that the setup file is only 73KB and Firefox tells me that it could be a virus... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The adware is optional and it is made very clear that you don't need to install it. A lot of other good software like Messenger Plus! Live bundle optional adware without any problems... :P