Black Friday and Holiday Sales

With the holidays comes the spending and receiving of money. More so than normal. The holiday season in general tends to be hectic, but on one day especially; Black Friday.

For some, the huge price drops, wonderful sales, and great bargains, are not enough to make people take the trip out. Why? Well, for starters, the 4AM store openings are enough to make some cringe. Mix that with the large amount of people, often angry, who would literally fight you over a product, they do have a good reason. The holiday sales are so heavily advertised and talked about, that you are shocked if anyone doesn't know what's going on and when. But here is the real question; How many of you actually take advantage of the sales?

We often browse the sales, make wish lists, and PLAN on making purchases, but many rarely follow through. In all actuality, the rare deals should be enough to make you willing to suffer one day in hell. After all, if you planned on getting the item anyways, you may as well save money.

So, while we are on the subject, I am going to start a thread on the Neowin forum where we can discuss, and list, upcoming sales pertaining to the holiday deals and Black Friday. Feel free to join in HERE.

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It's going to be a real Black Friday this year, for the businesses that is. People are losing their jobs left and right so they better plan on having a terrible year.

It's the Friday following Thanksgiving, considered the official kickoff of the Christmas shopping season, and believed by most to be the busiest shopping day of the year (this is untrue--the Saturday before Christmas bears that title).

Speaking from a retailer's perspective, it really is a great day for deals if you've put the effort into shopping around beforehand so you can recognize a steal. It's a shame so many people refuse to shop that day, figuring it'll be a nonstop mob midnight-to-midnight. There are key times when the crowds are just plain not there, and it doesn't hurt to swing by a store a few days in advance and ask a manager what those times are--they will tell you, and they'll tell you honestly. Trust me, they want your business, and they'd love it on slow hours (it makes them look more productive to corporate).

Not to mention that 90% of the items severely marked down are "while supplies last - no rainchecks" and the stores carry a stock of less than 10. Unless you're the first 20 in the store and know exactly where to find them, you wasted your time.

Back in my retail days, I worked at Circuit City. This was when sales people were still on commission. Also, it was when the Apex brand DVD players were very popular, because they were dirt cheap to begin with. This one particular Black Friday (I think it was in 2001), we had a HUGE stack of of Apex DVD players (I think we had like over 120 of them).

We sold out in about 3hrs. The store opened at 6am. By 9am, we had sold out of just about all the "fast selling" stuff that was advertised in the paper. Most people don't see the "while supplies last" part in the ad. They got ****ed off at "us" because we sold out of stuff. We got pushed, shoved, yelled at, cursed at, and anything else you can think of, because we sold out of a $35 DVD player.

"You should've had more of them!!!"
"Umm, we had 140 about 3hrs ago, maybe you should've gotten here earlier?"

Stupid stuff like that. Then there's those wonderful people that will come in around 4-5pm in the afternoon and still expect us to have stuff in stock. I had to be at work about 5am that day, when I got there, there was already a line stretched around the building. I knew from that point on, it was not going to be a good day. I worked 13hrs, and made about $300 that day. Not bad, but when you see that people in the TV/Audio department made closer to $1000 that day, because their commissions were higher than computer stuff, I wasn't very happy lol.

So, I have my reasons for not liking Black Friday. That's just one of them. I'd rather not put myself in that type of situation again, even if I'm on the other side. I'd rather sleep in than be at the store 2hrs before they open.

Well, from what I can remember, that's why Walmart called it an "early bird special".

I got my GameCube like that way back when it looked like a decent machine. $75 with the 4 Zelda games in 1 disc. Despite not playing the GC ever again, it is good to be able to pull up Zelda when I'm in the mood.

Anyhow, I hope everyone that gets into this Black Friday stuff will be safe. Lord knows there's always some jackass to be found. Would hate for anyone to be robbed, or worse, killed...

Try and have someone come with you so you won't be alone. Keep your eyes peeled for anyone coming close to you. Best to watch those especially that have come out of the store behind you empty handed...

Exactly...IceBreakerG, everything I have ever seen on sale has been the junk that no one buys during the year. This is the one chance for a retailer to get it the heck out of their store. And people buy the crap. Sometimes they buy it to give to other people, God save the gift receivers soul....

Black Friday is the one day of the year I refuse to go to any store for any reason except the grocery store. After working in retail for about 3yrs or so, and working on 3 Black Fridays, I do not wish to "willfully" submit myself to the horror and mayhem that will no doubt arise from stupid, retarded, ignorant people that will literally run over the person infront of them so that they can buy that $20 DVD player which will break in 3 months. This is the one day you can see how much people really don't care about other people, and how they will treat others to save $5. With that in mind, I'll be looking for good internet deals

For those of us who KNOW how to save money and not spend more then we have, black friday is great... now for those people who buy everything on sale on credit just because its on sale... ugh.... met a few of them in line before... you just want to push them out of line and scream look at your darn finances first... heck half the deals at places like staples you can get cheaper on sites like newegg, yet people line up for them like lemmings

Soldiers33 said,
with the credit crunch now, i dnt think many people would be spening thier money

No doubt.
Black Friday, is going to be more like "Red" Friday to the merchants. They will all be operating in the red, and I will be doing my part to ensure such a thing as I DO NOT get out and mingle with the inconsiderate morons that ARE out and about.

Its a buyers market right now, and businesses are hurting. They are going to do everything they can to get people to come in their stores, so if anything their will be more and better deals then years past.

I was in Oxford Street today, and it was still as busy as always.

It seems the credit crunch isn't having as much of an impact on peoples' spending as the media makes out.

It's to alert the Neowin members of potential bargains in these tight times. If you don't want a bargain, that's your choice.

Does black Friday come to the UK?

Exactly, badblood. Thank you.

As far as your question about Black Friday; Yes. But not even close to the extent of America. From what I understand, some stores do, others choose not to.

Perhaps someone from the UK could better answer this question.

Christopher said,
Perhaps someone from the UK could better answer this question.

Right here! :D

I haven't come across anyone here who has heard of Black Friday. For us, it's just another regular day.

Black Friday is in the States. In Canada, we have Boxing Day (week) as our big sales date (but for the most part, the sales are all week)