Black Friday brings down online retailers

Amazon, like many other online retailers were brought down yesterday from eager users trying to get their hands on some limited offers from the sites.,,,, and many others were overwhelmed with internet traffic from users that the sites experienced down time due to too many users trying to get cheap black Friday deals.

Much like last year, was hit the hardest again, offering electronics, video games, and personal media from 10% - 70% off some items, making a hot spot for online shoppers. Last year, was brought down due to black Friday shoppers trying to access the web site to save on things like Xbox360, and many other things.

Many online retails, including shoppers are not surprised by the event bringing major sites offline. This year's black Friday deals where heavily promoted, offering great deals to users on a first come, first serve basis. Overcrowding malls made online shopping web sites very tempting to millions of shoppers to avoid giant line ups, all from the convenience of their home.

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England we get 2.5% off.

Alistair Darling expects us to guy empty the shelves.

In the UK we need a v.a.t. quarter.

2 months before Jan 1st and 1 month after Jan 1st.

That should get plenty of money in the tills.

A way to solve this problem: Not have Black Friday sales....

Or have more Black-Friday like sales throughout the year. But just dont announce it to everyone.

The times I was on Amazon on Friday and yesterday, I didn't experience any problems; it didn't even seem slower than usual for the most part. I guess I got lucky.

I guess monetary contraction did cause the Great Depression. Some analysts are already predicting up to a 3% increase of sales over last year's sales - an overall increase from the 2.6% between 2006 - 2007. Good news, since I didn't pull out any of my investments Friday (Mondays are usually a pain in the ass)

A lot of the Black Friday madness could be ended with a simple concession to sanity from merchants:

You are an electronics/clothing/books/porn/whatever shop. With a few narrow exceptions (Wal-Mart, K-mart, and possibly Seats), your offerings are too narrow-- we are probably not going to do ALL our Christmas shopping at you. Your entire loss-leader philosophy is devoted to such a delusion.

Therefore, there's limited benefit in getting us to queue up in hopes of the limited-supply loss-leaders. We may well leave with nothing but them.

Instead of the insane "only two of these in the store" deals, give us deals with a reasonable supply-- and advertise as follows: "We will stock this item at 6AM, 9AM, noon, and 3PM". This will dramatically reduce queuing, fighting, and the need for crowd control.

Furthermore, you might attract more customers-- I know most years, I don't even bother, assuming the special-offer I covet is going to be gone by the time I get there, since the shop opened at 4AM.

idk about everyone else but I purchase items for the first time ever from Amazon yesterday, and I spent quite a bit of money ($350+ Mainly on programming books)

Edit: Oh wait, i should read the whole article before posting from now on.. lol I thought it was going to talk about how they lost money.

I was out and about a couple times yesterday. Wasn't any different around here than any other day, as far as I noticed. Now, today seemed a little busier.

i went into town today to get a hair cut, i left very quickly there were so many people about!

ill get my other bits inthe week when its not so busy

I could not get on's 40% cashbask on HP computers and laptops at all. Too many users trying to get in refreshing multiple tabs.

I know ill avoid the queue at the mall to instead receive 503 and queue to view an item lol

Christmas is a very scary place around chrissy time... Working in retail... see some crazy people running to be first to grab one of 80 items to be sold in the next hour...

Krome said,
I can't believe this. People actually get killed on Black Friday shopping spree.

I know, it's quite sad to see people acting like animals. People waiting in line for food rations and water somewhere in a refugee camp in Africa would be less likely to trample someone. These people on the other hand, did it purely for greed, with disregard for anybody else. It's sad to see society turning into this...

Jebadiah said,
You clearly think very highly of humans.

You gotta admit this is very low even for greedy American consumer zombies. =p