Black Friday sales ending; Cyber Monday sales starting

Black Friday 2011 is starting to wind down as retail stores try to recover from the masses of shoppers that came in, bought items at rock bottom prices and sometimes got a little carried away. A press release from Comscore claims that in terms of online sales, Black Friday 2011 generated $816 million in revenue in the US, up 26 percent from Black Friday 2010.

But that could be small potatoes compared to the online sales for Cyber Monday. The Monday after Black Friday has now come to be known as the single biggest day for online-only sales as people return to work and still find they have some holiday shopping to accomplish. It's expected that $1 billion or more in revenues could be made in Cyber Monday 2011.

In fact, Cyber Monday has already started for a number of retail web sites. Here are just some of the deals that can be found right now:

Walmart - The retailer has a number of electronics and gaming items up for sale from now until the end of the week on its web site. That includes an iBUYPOWER Black Gamer Extreme 925D3 Desktop PC with and Intel Core i5-2500K Processor, 8 GB of memory, and a 1 TB hard drive for $699.99.

Staples - The web site for the office retailer has a ton of notebooks on sale today and Monday, including a Toshiba Satellite L755-S5242 15.6 inch laptop for just $299.99. - The single biggest online retailer has a number of deals from now until the end of the week including Logitech's G19 PC gmaing keyboard for just $129.99.

Best Buy - The retailer is mixing things up a little. While it has a number of online-only sales from now until Monday, it willl let people pick up their item in a nearby Best Buy retail store. Those that go for this option and spend $100 or more will get a free $10 e-gift card.

We will post up any more Cyber Monday deals we find on Monday.

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Just ordered me a 47" LG LED 3DTV for 970$ off amazon.
I saw over at they have the 60" Sharp Aquos LED TV for $999. I don't need something that big plus I want to check out the 3D hype. Hopefully AC: Revelations multiplayer looks awesome in 3D, as I already beat the single player.
Happy Cyber Monday!

Edited by Perfect72, Nov 28 2011, 8:35am :

Glassed Silver said,

Lucky guy!


. Now it says 18 in stock. No idea what is going on there. Oh well, time to finally sleep.... For 4 hours :-(.

Jarrichvdv said,

What's with that GS:ios and GS:mac? Who gives a ****?

On-topic: true, very lucky guys! We don't have a Black Friday here in Benelux, idk if it exists in the rest of Europe...

Black Friday is US only I believe. We Canadians don't have that here.

Zappa859 said,

2nd Edit: Also didn't realize it comes with a 3D blu-ray player. Don't know if I'll ever use it, but, cool.

Last time I did a 3D TV deal on Amazon, it included the player and two sets of glasses. They all had to added to the cart though.