Black Mesa Half-Life 1 Source engine footage leaks [Update]

For years, a group of fans have been working on a project that would adapt Valve's Half-Life 1 to the Source engine that Valve used for Half-Life 2. The project has taken much longer than anticipated. However, the team recently released some new screenshots from their project, called Black Mesa.

This week, new footage from Black Mesa was leaked to the Internet, via You Tube. The footage comes from the "On a Rail" section of Half-Life/Black Mesa and shows some impressive looking visuals. It's the first video footage from the Black Mesa project in two years.

The video was posted by the fan site Valve Time, which claims it comes from an "anonymous reader". In a post on the official Black Mesa message boards, the team states:

Someone showed someone else something they shouldn't have, and that someone else decided to share that something with the internet. And here we are today. Bottom line is that sooner or later, you were going to see what you saw; that's why we haven't tried to cover everything up or get it taken down. There's no conspiracy, we don't have any ulterior motives.

The post adds that the video footage comes from a build of Black Mesa that is just four or five weeks old and that there won't be many changes between what is in the video and what's in the final product.

There is still no release date yet for Black Mesa. However, the team did indicate that the video's leaked release has moved up their timetable to show off media from the game.

Update: Well, despite the Black Mesa team's claims, the video has now been taken down.

Source: YouTube

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I'm interested, but this would have been pretty awesome a couple of years ago, surprised Valve didn't take advantage of the popularity...but they've always done things their own way...slow to never.

Hahaiah said,
I'm interested, but this would have been pretty awesome a couple of years ago, surprised Valve didn't take advantage of the popularity...but they've always done things their own way...slow to never.

I still can't believe they sold that half-assed version of Half-Life Source. All they did was add ragdoll physics and new water textures, no other changes. The Steam version of Half-Life is pretty terrible too. Like those pathetic title screens that look like they were made in MS-Paint in five minutes.

Really Valve, the game that put you where you are doesn't deserve better? I still use the CD versions since they are far superior to the junk on Steam. As for Black Mesa Source Valve should have hired them to develop it, they could have replaced Half Life Source with it.

I'll get excited when they put a "Download Now" button on their website. I had my heart broken 2006 through 2010 waiting for a release they promised was coming late 2009, so now I'm just filing it under vaporware until it happens.

Pretty much agree.

I understand this is just some team of people working on this on their own free time, and I have started and discontinued many a project of my own over the years once the reality of the time commitment became apparent, however they could have said years ago, literally years, if this was for real or not. They chose not to, have continued development, so now expectations are either incredibly unrealistic or people have already dismissed it completely.

I will still play it, and have been looking forward to doing so for years now, but I just cannot see it living up to the expectations I personally have due to the fact it has been in development forever now.

ir0nw0lf said,
So who is Daniel Junek?
He's one of the BM:S developers. Apparently, ValveTime got their hands on that leaked footage, and asked one of the developers if they could release it. That dev then told them to hold off, but they jumped the gun and published it anyway. The result? Pointless drama. Again. Bleh.

Maybe the voice actors went to the Snake Plissken school of voice acting?

In fact some of the music was reminiscent of the films