BlackBerry 10.1 MR update comes with serious SMS flaw

BB10 gets a maintenance update that could delete your SMS history.

This could happen to you!

The folks over at BlackBerry might need to slap a few Quality Control testers after they gave the thumbs up and made 10.1 available with a pretty huge flaw, one that deletes your entire history of SMS's and in some cases disables SMS functionality altogether.

The update, which started rolling out on Monday in the Asia Pacific region, Canada and most of Latin America comes with a ton of new fixes and features, including one that wasn't expected.

According to N4BB many of their users are reporting that following the update, all SMS messages simply disappeared, others have reported that they can see the messages, but when trying to view the message thread it shows no history. While others have even reported no SMS functionality at all.

The site has reached out to BlackBerry for comment, but so far hasn't received a response.

The update is expected to start rolling out in the United States "before the end of summer", however this flaw could delay that roll out while the necessary patches are sought out to fix this issue. 

Source: N4BB | Image: N4BB

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I have the Z10 since February 5, and have had zero problems, including with the new MR. SMS retained all messages and still works well. Others I know who have the Z10 also report zero problems.

matt4pack said,
It's nice how this website only reports on BB if it's news to make them look bad.

What good news is there? Submit to news tips and we'll do our best to cover good news for BB

I've had a Z10 as a daily driver since launch and let me tell you that this thing was not ready before release. I am on my third one and this one will freeze at least once a day and restart. The hub is neat for the first 5 minutes and then that's it. The one redeeming feature of BB10 is that its much more natural to swipe down or up, left or right to get to different menus as opposed to looking for buttons. Oh and the software keyboard is just garbage and hasn't learned anything since I got it.