BlackBerry App World is now live and downloadable

Every man and his dog has an application store nowadays, and BlackBerry is no different. The BlackBerry App World is now live, and downloadable for your BlackBerry device, for users in the US, UK and Canada. A few notes: you have to be running firmware 4.2, have a trackball or touch screen on your device and you have to have a PayPal account.

The BlackBerry App World is, of course, free to download for those who wish to have it. In order to get this puppy running on your device, navigate to the link included below and download the software (on the device itself).
Those Neowinians who own BlackBerry devices, please post in the comments below and tell us how it goes.

Download: BlackBerry App World

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I have a Curve 8320 and the blackberry app world does not seem to be working on my phone...I installed it successfully through WIFI...But for some reason when I try to click the icon on my blackberry it says "Tunnel Failed".

Can anyone help me?

Before now there was no central location for the apps and there wasn't an easy way to browse and pay for them from the device. I downloaded the app world app for my Blackberry today and found that I already had all the free apps that I wanted. Most of the What the app world could really use is some free apps, maybe some simple games. I am not paying $6.99 for Marble Trap.

andrewbares said,

Did Blackberry's have apps before this? Or was it impossible to write apps before today?

you could write them and just install them, this is just a central distribution platform

Works excellently on my BOLD.

Looks slick, and is very fast. Also, contrary to someone up above, mine works over WIFI too.

Downloaded the top downloads. Some good apps.


Blackberry storm here, works really nice still not that many apps as iphone. Hopefully in future there would be more free apps.

I just tried it on my handy Curve 8330 and it worked just fine. I have not bought anything through it but the free app downloading and install process is great.

I think it is a step in the right direction.

jkenn99 said,
App World doesn't work over wifi.

Yeah just noticed that. Its too bad because I do not have a data plan so WiFi is the only way I can connect. I hope they allow it to work over wifi.

"Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support BlackBerry App World."

I have a Blackberry Bold.... OS is So I guess App World needs more work...

is this april fool joke or what?

im going to avoid coming to this forum for a day after all these (stupid) jokes are gone for good.

perochan said,
is this april fool joke or what?

im going to avoid coming to this forum for a day after all these (stupid) jokes are gone for good.

Nope, this has been coming for a while. I don't really like writing April Fools news articles, personally.

hmm on a pearl its not bad
- download link email pushed to my phone, nice
- install time was average about 30seconds or with poor signal quality
- interface is very flashy and nice, resembles that of a bold or something
- install size is pretty small it seems
- good number of free apps for first day