BlackBerry is trying to turn BBM into its own subsidiary

BlackBerry is reportedly looking to spin off its recognizable BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service into its own subsidiary. It would be called BBM, Inc. The move doesn't mean much to the consumers, but it does explain BlackBerry's motives a bit more. BBM, Inc. would give the impression that BlackBerry Messenger is of value to the entire company. Since BlackBerry is not-so-secretly considering selling out, value is a key component for negotiations. 

Since BlackBerry hardware hasn't been selling quite well lately, it seems the company is trying to shift focus on the products that have more potential to compete. BBM currently has 60 million users total. Once a service available just to BlackBerry owners, it has now expanded onto iPhone and Android as well as a free multi-platform messaging app.

BlackBerry will also launch its BBM Channels feature soon that would get brands and celebrities on board with users of the messenger, and it's also rumored to be planning a release of BBM for the desktop as well. However, when Wall Street Journal reached out for comment, a BlackBerry spokeswoman simply said "We haven't announced any initiatives to bring BBM to the desktop."

There's definitely a plan in action for further expansion though. "People are also becoming leery of how they share their personal information and mobile communication services need to be built for that," the spokeswoman added. "They are also looking for a simple, customizable interface and BBM brings that."

Source: WSJ

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better approach to be honest!!!!

Android and Apple and Windows phone (will do) getting their markets, its good to see a company take the initiative. I do agree with posters here though, compete and beat whatsapp at their own game multi-platform then their success can be rehomed!

Just what I predicted a year ago. Blackberry (RIM) is leaving the smartphone market and will only sell licences to its messaging system and related patents.

I gave up flying the blackberry flag professionally (my last personal BB was a Pearl II) after the Bold 9900 flagship joke of a model, with a measly battery that wont last a day for execs with light use (never mind the flakey by old RIM standards build quality)......quite sad really they had it all for the taking but blew it, by resting on its laurels for too long.

I doubt they'll ever recover, this is like selling off the best assets before killing the actual company off/ give it away to MS/Nokia or anyone else mad enough to buy the IP etc.

We just couldn't swallow the thought of yet another version of BES to support the Z10 etc, final nail in the coffin for our multinational corp, I-phones and androids have taken over our mobile device footprint globally. I expect to be told to kill off B.E.S by end of year.

Its a very tough market. Microsoft with that huge infrastructure and support and software who had a couple of years head start compared to BB10 is still struggling. I am sorry but I don't think BB will survive.

if they port all the security functions of BBM into android and other platform and make it free then it would have a chance, but otherwise its a waste of time...

They had a chance when it was a very popular messaging app. But by believing they were untouchable they failed.

I wonder what the outcome will be since WhatsApp has been established pretty well on most Mobile Device.

If they're seriously considering a desktop app, then they should start coding for Windows Phone. Then they can scale up to Windows 8/RT.