BlackBerry Messenger now available for all Windows Phone 8 users

It's been five months since BlackBerry confirmed that it was bringing its BBM app to Windows Phone, just a few weeks after saying that it had no plans to do so. But plans can change, of course, and while the idea of BBM running on any non-BlackBerry OS - much less one from Microsoft - may once have seemed absurd, the cross-platform world that we live in has pushed the company to spread its messaging app beyond its own devices

After launching as a limited beta on Windows Phone earlier this month, BlackBerry has announced today that BBM is now available for all users of Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 handsets. The company says that the app "will build on the collaboration, privacy and security features that are at the core of the BBM experience and already enjoyed by more than 85 million monthly active users around the world."

Even so, some features are missing from this initial release on Windows Phone, compared with what's available on other platforms. Bryan Biniak, vice-president and general manager of Developer Experience at Microsoft, acknowledged this in the press release accompanying the announcement, saying that "with BBM, we are pleased to bring many of its top features to the Windows Phone platform." However, he added: "... we expect that new features will roll out in the months to come." 

BBM is one of several big-name apps to join Windows Phone in recent weeks, including the likes of Pinterest, Uber and Fitbit. You can download BlackBerry Messenger now from the Windows Phone Store

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Why can't developers do a full 100 with their implementation of these popular apps on Windows Phone OS? Is it an issue of complexity, API, limited time? What is it? Isn't Instagram still in beta? Taking into consideration, if Windows Phone OS was the only smartphone OS of its kind in 2008, I am sure full implementation of features would be indeed available.

When I asked this couple of weeks ago I got an earful :p
It is totally pointless now because of Blackbery's fault. If I moved from BB to WP all this time this feature was not available and people moved on.

BBM was pretty cool back in its day, basically did everything iMessage does now, and it did it even before the iPhone was a thing. Even before the term BBM came out, Blackberries were always able to send PIM messages between each other, which was basically the same thing, a text message that used the data network.

However, like everything else Blackberry has done, BBM took too long to be updated (in this case, to include cross platform support), by the time it was updated, almost everyone had moved on.

great to see bbm on windows phone, but I don't think I'll have any use for it....I hardly know anyone who uses it anymore.