Blackberry online outages now affecting North America

Blackberry's online services have been affected by outage problems across the world for three days. Now those issues are hitting users of Research in Motion's smartphonse here in North America. reports that US users have reported that Blackberry's Messenger service was down. A news anchor for the CNBC TV network reported on air this morning that he has been unable to receive email on his Blackberry device for the past several hours.

The outages, which has also affect surfing the web on Blackberry's web browser, started hitting customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa on Monday. At that time RIM said that the issue was caused by a corrupt database in its Slough, UK location. The problem appeared to be fixed on Monday but outages occurred again for Blackberry customers on Tuesday in the same parts of the world, along with India and parts of South America. Late on Tuesday, RIM said that the problems were caused by a "core switch failure" in its online service and that it was attempting to fix the solution.

Once again these online issues with Blackberry phones are making some customers, especially businesses who have been using Blackberry devices for years, think about switching to other smartphones such as Apple's iPhone and phones based on Google's Android operating system. Well known entrepreneur Alan Sugar posted a Twitter message that said, "In all my years in IT biz, I have never seen such a outage as experienced by Blackberry. I can't understand why it's taking so long to fix."

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Couldn't trust RIM if I wanted to and I really wanted to. Dads Curve overheating issue's is crazy and every time the battery is removed and reinserted you have to reactivate the phone

Thanks for the extra hour in bed when that email alert didn't wake me up at 3:30AM morning to fix a customers problem!

Its still up and down here, loads of emails come though then stop then start again.

the statement is wrong, one of my friends here in Argentina have problems since the weekend, maybe they have a "delay" in notifing the people. And why South America is routed to UK?, that is just plain wrong (in general USA is used to host/connected this part of the world).

MaxBurke said,
"attempting to fix the solution" No Wonder they are screwed, Try Fixing the problem lol.

But if the solution is broken, how can it fix the problem? lol

littleneutrino said,
Good thing our users do not use blackberry messenger here in the USA so we are not effected as of yet.

Neither do we.... but I haven't received any email in several hours. This doesn't bode well for RIM.

We had a BES server until a few months ago. Our last BB user switched to an iPhone. I was so happy to shut that server down. A few weeks later a user asked me if I could turn it on so she could hook her BB up. I told her no. What a good feeling that was.

The idea of BES for security is great, however, getting a BB that runs through Verizon, that then runs through RIM's network, that then connects to our on-site BES server, that then connects to Exchange is just ridiculous. No reason to run through RIM. Exchange needs more granular security, and once that is available, there will be no need for 3rd party security tools like BES.

This is why you don't use a product that is reliant on running your data through an intermediary. Use one that goes directly to the internet, which is pretty much anything BUT BlackBerry.

Voice of Buddy Christ said,
This is why you don't use a product that is reliant on running your data through an intermediary. Use one that goes directly to the internet, which is pretty much anything BUT BlackBerry.

sure but it have its pro like unlimited roaming data (for some carriers)....

anyway here in latin america its down too.... sigh rim, and whatsapp was working ot anymore

think RIM need more transparency, corrupted databases and now switches, it needs to be rectified soon else this is seriously going to damage an already damaged brand.

O/T :- Alan Sugar, the king of plastic crap! They'd be better off speaking to a proper business person like Richard Branson, instead of someone who thinks they can sell anything but made their money through property.