BlackBerry opens up BBM beta for Windows Phone (but you still can't download it)

Earlier this week, BlackBerry Messenger finally appeared on the Windows Phone Store, almost five months after Nokia announced the news that BBM would launch on its Lumia devices, back at the Mobile World Congress in February. However, despite its appearance in the Store, it was out of reach to most users, as it remained in a closed beta. 

BlackBerry has now opened up beta registration to anyone who wishes to take the app for a spin on Windows Phone. This isn't the same as general availability, though, since the app is still in beta, and the company still requires that you sign up and register your Microsoft Account with them before you can even think of downloading it. 

Even once you've signed up and registered your account, though, you still won't be able to get hold of the app just yet - BlackBerry says that it is "still preparing" for that, and that it is only accepting applications for now. But what can you expect once the downloads go live? 

BlackBerry says that it has created a "familiar, native user experience that embraces the clean, modern design of the Windows Phone UI", with three key areas: feeds, contacts and chats. The company says that many, but not all, features of the app will be included in the first release, with other additions - like stickers, location sharing, BBM Voice and BBM Channels - coming "in the months ahead."

If you want to sign up for the BBM Beta, head to BlackBerry BetaZone to register. 

Source: Inside BlackBerry via WinBeta | screenshot via BlackBerry

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I wonder where this people come from ?? I mean who wants BBM anyway ??

Yet they manage to fill up the download slots ?? Wow.. I guess everyone in the WP world wants BBM..

I use BBM every morning after my coffee and cigarette... Wait I thought you meant Big Bowel Movement not Blackberry Messenger

I mean BBM use to be the ish but now that its ported over to android the UI seems big a clunky, ugly and just not intuitive. Just to send a voice note is like 3 clicks away. Its just not modernized and the options suck and need to be reorganized. The only good thing I like about the app is the nice big size limits they have for sending pretty much anything, thats their only plus from me.

4nerraD said,
Anyone actually USE BBM other than old admins that don't keep up to date with tech?

Its popular with younger teenagers here in the UK my cousins tell me, however atleast with my circle of friends its all about Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp these days.