BlackBerry passes 10m subscriber mark

Research in Motion has announced strong second-quarter results for its BlackBerry brand, adding around 1.45 million subscribers to break the 10 million mark. Revenue for the second quarter of fiscal 2008 reached $1.37bn, up 27% from $1.08bn in the previous quarter. Co-chief executive Jim Balsillie noted that strong demand for the BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Pearl handsets was behind the numbers and that the BlackBerry service is now available from around 325 operators worldwide. RIM continued its push into the retail market during the quarter, with non-corporate subscriber account additions in the US exceeding 50% for the first time. Device sales made up the vast majority of RIM's revenue at approximately 78%, followed by services at 15%, software at 4% and 'other sources' at 3%.

"RIM's second-quarter results were exceptionally strong on all metrics including revenue, subscriber account additions and net income. With over 10 million BlackBerry subscriber accounts, and over 20 million handsets shipped, we are pleased with our position in the market today. We expect recent product and market initiatives to extend our business momentum through the remainder of the fiscal year," said Balsillie.

News source: vnunet

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Apple made a big mistake by making iphone exclusive to AT&T. If they had allowed use with any network there would have been a lot of sales. They found out how many people dislike AT&T service the hard way. ouch !

ancient interface... when something works then whats wrong with that. I dont have to stare at the my keys cause I can feel them and i can just type.
Dont get me wrong the BB has a couple of places to improve, like html email but there are a couple of apps that can fix that problem. Its nice to have a couple of different browsers to use and i can use prolly the best IM client ever Jive Talk. Sorry I just dont feel the need to flick this or flick that. Seen and know several business ppl using the iPhone and all though its got the kewl factor and eye candy the function is less than desirable.

I have had my BB Curve for over a month now and to put it simply... it just works and works well. There are some great 3rd party apps and tons of support if needed. Sorry Apple the iPhone is a toy when compared to a Black Berry. At the very least I wont have to worry about my smart phone becoming a brick because I run an application not sanctioned by RIM.

If by "toy" you mean it's child's play to use, then you're right. The iPhone interface is still far superior, but if third-party apps are more important to you, that's your call.

They sell a great product. I finally got one for myself. Will never go back to a regular phone or windows mobile.
Keep it up!