BlackBerry Passport to (eventually) support 4K video recording

It seems that BlackBerry is not yet ready to die; what with the announcement by BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, no less,  back in July that the Passport was indeed very real and on the way. New information has surfaced about the specs and capabilities of the device, which will also feature a proper front facing bottom keyboard.

CrackBerry has learned that the Passport will support 4K video recording, although it will initially ship without that capability as that is still in the test phase, but it will be added later with the release of BlackBerry OS 10.3.1.

Here are the specs for the camera that is rumored to be included in the Passport:

  • 13MP Auto-Focus
  • Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
  • 5-element f2.0 lens
  • Back Side Illumination
  • LED Flash
  • 1080p HD video recording at 60fps
  • 6DOF video stabilization
  • 5x digital zoom, Continuous & touch to focus, image stabilization

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, shows off the BlackBerry Passport.

And if you wondered how all the above translates into a result, take a look at the video below to see it in action.

The Passport is expected to be formally announced at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin, Germany which takes place in the first week of September. We can't help but wonder if these new offerings from BlackBerry are too little too late, with the company now barely registering in worldwide marketshare, but time will tell if this can actually turn the company around to relevance again. 

Source: CrackBerry | Image: Smart Mania

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The Galaxy Note 3 has had 4K video recording since it was released nearly a year ago and the video quality is a lot better than the mess shown above.

BlackBerry is still an irrelevant joke.

Why not make it a bit taller and provide some more room for the keyboard? It's too wide to make it fit easily in the pocket anyway. Might as well make it a bit taller as well.

The awesome Passport.
I love it, and this seems to bode well in it's favour:

Is it just me or does that video have appalling quality - there's no point in having more pixels if everything else about the image is terrible.

The funny thing is.. article about Blackberry camera... has blurry, noisy photo of guy holding the device. I hope that wasn't taken with a Blackberry.

This company really doesn't have a clue

what can this phone do that others can't ..... NOTHING

The mobile industry is heavily saturated, even Microsoft are struggling, yet Blackberry somehow think they have come up with something which will sell?'s still called a Blackberry, so even if it was good, people still wouldn't buy it

They seem a little confused: Who actually wants to shoot such high quality video on such an unweildly device. They don't seem to know their audience.

Nik L said,
They seem a little confused: Who actually wants to shoot such high quality video on such an unweildly device. They don't seem to know their audience.

They don't know their audience because they haven't got one