BlackBerry pauses BBM expansion launch due to early leak of Android app

BlackBerry can't seem to catch a break these days. The smartphone company announced late on Friday that it was cutting 4,500 employees and leaving the consumer market due to low sales of its new BlackBerry 10 products. Now its plans to expand its BlackBerry Messenger service to iOS and Android users have also run into problems.

BlackBerry was supposed to launch the apps this weekend, but while the iOS version did get released to some iPhone and iPad owners, a post on the official BlackBerry site reveals that a pre-release version of the Android app made its way to the Internet.

Even though the app was not released by BlackBerry, 1.1 million Android users signed onto the BBM network within the first eight hours with that version. As a result it has caused some issues with the planned rollout to both platforms. BlackBerry has now halted downloads of the iOS version, but people who have already installed the app can continue to use it. The pre-release Android app has also been disabled and cannot be used to log into the BBM service.

BlackBerry has not offered a new timetable for re-starting its iOS and Android BBM launch. The company claims that the overall BBM network is still up and running.

Source: BlackBerry | Image via BlackBerry

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Just so you all know there is a fake BBM going around on Android. Don't download it, its malware, and it asks you to rate it 5 stars before you can use it. Then it downloads a client which releases malware onto your system.

Blackberry just needs to leave completely. Their management are to blame for not keeping up, and BBM isn't needed in this day and age where there are hundreds of apps that offer the same service.

I was one of those 1.1 million users.....for about 30 minutes....then I uninstalled it as it was buggy.

I've got mine set up. works quite well, looking for contacts though, a lot of people I know dumped bb and went to Android.

In Neowin tradition... they dont explain anything at all besides their own useless opinion...

a leaked version of BBM caused a security hole which blackberry was not comfortable with. Blackberry servers can handle a lot more then you think... 1.1 million users is nothing.

This is from twitter.

BlackBerry Leaks ‏@BlackberryScoop

They FINALLY found the little bugga'!!! The leaked #BBM .apk for Android created a security hole for BBM Servers that can't be left exposed.


BlackBerry Leaks ‏@BlackberryScoop

Litres of coffee and energy drinks have been consumed tonight!!! #BBM4ALL

So basically the 1.1 million people crashed BBM servers? Doesn't make sense why they wouldn't be able to continue letting people download from the playstore or apple store.

anothercookie said,
So basically the 1.1 million people crashed BBM servers? Doesn't make sense why they wouldn't be able to continue letting people download from the playstore or apple store.

Exactly, the app turned into a maintenance page anyway when it crashed

What's the big deal about BBM? I haven't used a messenger app (either on a phone or desktop), other than txt, for anything in years.

Because in many parts of the world, texting isn't free. So in addition to data plans you still pay for every regular text sent. BBM allowed free messaging in these markets and since it came from Enterprise it was fast, reliable and secure. Being able to create groups , broadcast messages and other niceties usually reserved for Live Messenger on the Desktop made it a hit. I dare say BBM was one of those apps that helped push mobiles to replace desktops for people in many parts of the world.

Rubbish - what did they expect if they released on Play on Saturday then App Store on Sunday, did they not think numbers would be a lot higher than this supposed 1.1 million. Sadly WhatsApp stole their market and unless there is some goblin that poops gold out of this app then I see lots of downloads but little take-up after the initial wave.

very disappointed yesterday .. .. waited for android version so much but in the end not released. its total fault of Blackberry and Android Market (Playstore ) .Why didn't google removed all fake apps and approved fake apps to get listed in the store.